GameLook report / Game circle “ Chain of contempt ” long-standing , Even the most noble host area , Players from the three camps have always been fighting , image Xbox and PS Player criticism Switch
The most common script is :

   What game , a pile 4399 nothing more .

  4399, Is recognized in the eyes of Chinese players “ Games ” pronoun . With the growth of the game lineup ,Switch It has basically got rid of this name , But in fact ,4399= Equation of small game , It's starting to fail .

   At the fourth China cultural and creative industry conference held at the end of last month ,4399
Chairman Luo Haijian confessed in his speech , In recent years, games are becoming more and more difficult to do , He estimated that at most there would be only “ Twenty or thirty good games ”. In order to get a few tickets ,4399“ I really hope to master it 3A
Host level production capability ”, And already in UE4 On the accumulation of fast 2 year .

   One that's been solidified Flash Small game platform , To try to dye your fingers 3A Game manufacturers of industrial production of games ,4399
The transformation of , It has become a tiny part of China's game industry , But it's a typical miniature , And in the process , There are also game fighters “ My life depend on myself not the fate. ” The cry of .

   Play games , Ye you digs the second pot of gold

  4399 Can be traced back to the beginning of the millennium . at that time , The whole society criticizes the game , Console games banned 15 The history of the year has just begun , There are signs that Duanyou is rising .

   As the first stationmaster in China , In reality 1190 Ten thousand price to navigation website hao123 After selling to Baidu , Founder Li Xingping quickly took aim at the game , It's done the same way 4399. if
hao123 It solves the demand that people won't find websites , that 4399 It solves the need for people not to find games .

   The path of the website is the same as that of many grassroots websites ,4399 The business model is clear , Publish a lot of content , Revenue from advertising . But he 3DM, Rangers and other media sites are different , Platform type 4399
The transformation speed is very fast , Even though the competitors were beaten down by themselves , If so 2015 year 4399 still Alexa Ranking No.1 in China's game portal , but 4399
I don't think that just playing games is the destiny of my life .

   Back to the time when end travel was popular , At that time, there were relatively large technical barriers between manufacturers , The distributors that enter the board either import products from South Korea , Or have the ability of self-study and spontaneity ,4399
It's hard to compete with it , Therefore, after Cai Wensheng, who was rich in business vision, became a shareholder ,4399 Chose to be despised by the end tour factory at that time , Actually can not understand the page tour .

   Later is the rise of page tour , What followed was 4399 The business model has changed , Its traffic is no longer just a cash flow , Also for their own page tour guide ,4399 Revenue is also successful in 2012
A breakthrough in 10 Billion , The profit also exceeded 100 million in the previous year .

   In the early years Flash In the eyes of game developers , Tencent platform page Tour , Volume market, combined transportation and legend ,4399
In addition to being a major intermodal canal , There is another identity : Domestic small team “ Shelter ”. Although the concept of independent game in domestic game industry was still in the Enlightenment period at that time , But in the GameLook it seems ,PC Epochal
4399 Played a very good role as a single platform , And let a group of small teams with no money to buy .

   However, the times are still moving forward , The rise of mobile Internet PC The Internet companies on the platform are suffering from pains ,2012 It started around the year , Domestic netizens began to transfer to mobile phones on a large scale ,4399
No exception , This is also for follow-up 4399 March into the mobile game market provides the foundation .

   However, as soon as page tour products enter the market, they encounter the dilemma of low success rate .

   On the one hand, it is derived from the absolute control of the traffic of the store channels in the early years , As well as low retention page turnover products “ Washing capacity ” Scorn of business models , In addition, in the mobile game product explosion stage , There are too many channels to choose for players , The heavy game represented by the product of the last page is up too early , Players at the time , Network conditions do not support these big brother games .

  2014 year “ End to hand ” It began to rise , Tencent is now in the market , Netease , The perfect world and so on PC
Game manufacturers , They are all famous end game manufacturers in the past , Such as the three seven mutual entertainment, such as the start of the large factory page tour , Finally, it depends on self-study and page game quality , And catch up with the big explosion of information flow advertising to usher in the second spring .

  4399 What about ? It is another successful case of page tour .

   Understanding of the pain of hand turning : Mobile games are hard to do , Backwardness in self-study is equal to being beaten

   in limine ,4399 The mobile game business took the old road of small games , Flower name “4399 Game box ” As a channel, mainly through intermodal distribution , Take whatever fire you want . This strategy, though, helped in the early days 4399
Mobile game business quickly caught up with the user bonus , It has accumulated a good number of platform users , But also in the later development of a series of hidden dangers .

  4399 There has always been a dream of going public , And it is “ large A dream ”, stay A Queuing stocks 4399 One after another 2015 year ,2017
A series of changes happened in . And the relationship with enterprises in the industry ,4399 And Tencent , Netease , grand , Many famous manufacturers such as Duoyi have filed a lawsuit , It's all about the product .

   At that time, the Beijing News 2017
Analysts were quoted as saying that :“ 4399 lacks its own core products , More is as a platform for joint operation of the game , Collect a certain share of the game , This leads to uneven game quality on its platform , The risk of litigation is also high .”

   However, the changes of a few years ago were not without a result , It's been on the register 4399 Cai Wensheng's exit of co founder 4399, Turn to Meitu , Another founder, Luo Haijian 4399
The shareholding ratio exceeds 50%, stay 4399 The moment facing the major challenges of mobile Internet , Luo Haijian didn't run , He chose to stick to it , At the same time, it also brings stronger executive power for the future strategic adjustment of the company .

  GameLook He has several connections with Luo Haijian , It's different from what you think of a page game , Luo Haijian keeps a low profile , Excellent in the industry , Page tour Era 4399
We have trained a group of capable people and entrepreneurs who are still in the game industry .

   As early as 2014 year 4399 The number of teams exceeds 2500 people , R & D personnel over 65%, It can be seen that Luo Haijian's bet on R & D is big . And understand 4399
Industry insiders in the development process of mobile games , It's hard to say 4399 No spelling , such as 2015 year 4399 We'll do it 3DARPG Mobile Games 《 Dark god of war 》,FPS
Mobile Games 《 Elite of the line of fire 》《 Alloy hero 》, Horizontal version fighting game 《 Fighting Hunter 》 And other self-developed games , No matter what kind of products they are , There is a big difference between the way of playing and the inherent impression of page game .

   But except for 《 Dark god of war 》 Make an impression on the industry , In addition to certain achievements , This batch 4399 The self-developed game is in front of star mobile game start-up companies such as end game big factory and new rising Lilith , They didn't take advantage of it at all , What's more, let's
4399 as a warning for the future : Not doing research and development can produce good works , It's not so much relying on people , It's not about chasing the wind .

   A series of experiences are also easy to understand , Why does Luo Haijian pay so much attention to it today 4399 Technical strength of , Even want to master to do 3A Console level game capabilities .

Luo Haijian focused on his views on R & D in an industry conference speech :“ The ronin does what he sees , I don't have my own independence and deep thinking , Multiple products in three to five years , Change into several categories . Mediocre people often generalize , Despise other products with the so-called masterpieces and fine arts , If there is no way out, you can change other categories and directions , Innovation , Playfulness , Embrace change , In the end, even if he had a little success, he became a prodigal .”

   Luo Haijian on the stage seems to be talking about the industry , But in the GameLook It seems that he is right 4399
Tuition fees paid on the way to R & D , It's a painful insight , After that, the mobile game buying market rose again ,《 Immortal mortal 》《 The king cultivates Immortals 》 In China, we have achieved a monthly flow of over 100 million yuan ,4399
Relying on our own grounding gas research and development publicity method, we have survived the most difficult winter of self-study .

  4399 Where is the way ? go to sea .

   It's over , South Korea's annual entry 10 Billion

   Of course, at the beginning , The road to sea is also difficult .4399 As early as 2012 year 4 month , with 16.5
Million won registered capital set up a bridgehead in South Korea , Responsible for the market development in Korea , Operation and promotion . early stage 4399 South Korea is basically in a deficit state , And until 3
The first product was launched after two years , Then I gradually found the feeling .

   According to the data provided in the prospectus ,2016 year 4399 In South Korea, self-developed MMOARPG Mobile Games 《 Miracle God of war 》, The best score has been on the local level Google Play
Second on download list , The highest daily recharge water exceeds one million . This is the time ,4399 In South Korea, the market is still popular , But it's not good enough in terms of income .

   after 《 Sword of miracles 》 The emergence of ,4399 South Korea has officially entered the fast track of income growth . this year 10 month ,App Annie A copy was published 2020Q3 domestic ARPG
Top 10 game revenue ,《 Sword of miracles 》 No.1 on the top , Even more than the products of domestic large factories .

   meanwhile ,4399 Another one ARPG Mobile Games 《 Story of Tianji 》, It's not available 2 In months , Top the list 9 name .

   According to game news , The past year 4399 The amount of mobile swimming water obtained in the sea market has exceeded 20 Billion , South Korea accounts for half of the total .

   From the perspective of domestic market , whether 《 Sword of miracles 》 or 《 Story of Tianji 》 Innovation is not huge , But relatively used to a water of greasy realistic wind of Korean players , Both products bring the effect of dimension reduction , Better marketing effect with localization .

   For example, in the painting style 《 Sword of miracles 》 Go to the magic style of partial card Tonghua that Chinese people are familiar with ,《 Story of Tianji 》 Then it goes directly to the second dimension ; In operation, they both abandoned the horizontal board and chose the vertical plate design suitable for more use scenarios ; The game method also added hang up element , And then launched 《 Story of Tianji 》 In the implementation of hang up game design is more thorough .


   For many domestic players ,4399 and 3A, It seems like two parallel lines , There will never be intersection . But as people used to think ,4399
And page Tour , There will be no intersection with mobile games , For this small website game to make a fortune , It's hard to use “ impossible ” To define .

  4399 It's not a lucky company , But the most important thing is that the consciousness of transformation is advanced , Will insist , down to earth , This method seems very rustic , But in front of the real user needs , It works .

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