<> effect

Cross end (APP, Various small programs ,H5) Development framework , Total 10 platforms

<> characteristic

1, Used vue grammar
2, Component mode of applet
3, adopt uni-app Unify all ends api
4, Compile the source code of each end

<> directory structure

1,package.json Configuration of the directory of page program
2,main.js Program entry
3,App.js Root component
4,static Static resource directory
index/index.vue home page
5,components Component storage directory ( Registration is not required )
6,wxcomponnets Storage directory of wechat special components

<> Run compile environment preparation



1, download app simulator
2, configure port
function - Run to phone or emulator -Android Simulator port settings
3, function
1. Turn on the simulator
2. function - Run to phone or emulator - Running project xxx reach xxx simulator

<> WeChat

1, Download and install wechat development tools
2, Wechat development tools - set up - security setting - Server port on
3,HBuilderX- function - Run to applet emulator - Run setup - Applet developer tool path

<>index.vue Page analysis

template Template ,script Business logic ,style style

<> Common components

1,view Block element
2,text In line elements
3,navigate Navigation

<> Conditional compilation

<> Common conditions
#ifdef APP-PLUS APP #ifdef MP-WEIXIN WeChat #ifdef H5 H5 Webpage
<> In the template
<!-- #ifdef APP-PLUS --> <!-- #endif -->
<> In style
/*#ifdef APP-PLUS */ /* #endif */
<> Configuration in progress
<!-- #ifdef APP-PLUS --> <!-- #endif --> Separate configuration “h5”:{} “App-plus”:{}

<>pages Page configuration

path:xxx/xxx route
style style (glovalStyle The value is the same )

<>globalStyle Global configuration

1,“navigationBarTextStyle”: “black”, Navigation text color
2,“navigationBarTitleText”: “uni-app”, Navigation title
3,“navigationBarBackgroundColor”:"#F8F8F8", Navigation background color
4,“backgroundColor”: “#F8F8F8” Page background color

<> Built in components

1,view block
2,tex text
3,selectable Text Changan optional
4,image picture
5,navigator Navigation
6,swioer slide
7,swiper-item slide - one page

<> Extension components

uni.request Network request


height:var(–status-bar-height) The height of the status bar

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