A few days ago , Fast technology has been inspected 17 Video card ,12 In the 《 Cyberpunk 2077》 Performance in , Including light pursuit ,DLSS performance . Now? ,TechPowerUP
Up to 22 Video card .

   among N card 14 paragraph , cover RTX 30,RTX 20,GTX 16,GTX 10 series ,A card 8 paragraph , cover RX 6000,RX Vega,RX
5000,RX 500 series .

   Use of test platform i9-9900K @ 5GHz processor ,EVGA Z390 DARK a main board , thermaltake ToughRAM 16GB DDR4-4000
Memory , Yingruida MX500 2TB Solid state disk and other configurations , The drivers are up to date 460.79,20.12.1 edition , Game for the highest quality , Turn off light tracing and DLSS.

  1080p Resolution ,RTX 3090 More than 120FPS,RX 6900 XT I got it 112.7FPS,RX 6800 XT Very close RTX
3080,RX 6800 Pressure RTX 3070.

   Smooth baseline A Card is RX 5700 XT,N Cards are RTX 2070.

  2K Resolution ,RTX 3090 I can only run out 78.1FPS,RX 6800 Just over 60FPS And it's over RTX 2080 Ti.

  4K Resolution ,22 All video cards are destroyed ,RTX 3090 Only got a little bit 42.3FPS, however A The overall performance of the card is worse ,RX 6900 XT Only
36.4FPS Not so good RTX 3080,RX 6800 Then the basic sum RTX 3070 A grade .

  TPU Also used RTX 3090 24GB The memory occupation is tested separately . If you don't have to go all out , Roughly in 6GB Up and down ,4K The resolution is just over 7GB, No pressure on medium and high-end cards .

   If you turn on light pursuit , There will be extra 1.5-3GB Video memory occupation of ,4K Downward approximation 10GB,RTX 3080/3070/2080 It's going to be hard .

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