12 month 13 Daily News ,“ Artificial intelligence ” IFLYTEK issued announcement on completion of restricted stock grant of phase II restricted stock incentive , towards 1900 People give out the total value 4.91
Billion yuan of stock , per capita 26 Ten thousand yuan .

   The listing date of the shares granted by this restricted stock incentive plan is 2020 year 12 month 15 day , That is, we can cash it out next Tuesday .

   According to the announcement , The number of restricted shares granted in this incentive plan is 26,864,800 thigh , Accounting for the total share capital of the company before the grant 1.22%. The price per share is 18.28 element .

   The total number of incentive objects awarded and completed in this plan 1900
people , Including the middle and senior management of the company , core technology ( business ) Personnel and the middle and senior management personnel and core technology of each subsidiary company ( business ) personnel ( Excluding independent directors , Supervisors and companies held separately or jointly 5%
Shareholders or actual controllers of the above shares and their spouses , parent , children ).

   Due to the completion of this restricted stock grant , The total number of shares of the company is 2,197,872,917 Shares increased to 2,224,737,717 thigh , As a result, the proportion of equity owned by the actual controller of the company has changed .

   Actual controller of the company Liu Qingfeng , The proportion of shares actually controlling voting rights owned by China University of science and technology assets management Co. Ltd 16.39% Change to
16.19%. The share grant of this incentive plan will not change the actual controller of the company .

   At last year's international natural language understanding contest SquAD in , IFLYTEK AI Surpassing human level for the first time . Liu Qingfeng said ,“ Now? 5~10
You can imitate a person in minutes , You can do it in half an hour , We've got an unprecedented host capability .”

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