China Urban Water Exhibition

11 month 17-18 day , The first 15 The opening ceremony of the International Symposium on urban water development and New Technology Equipment Expo in Hangzhou International Expo Center . Focus on Smart City , Help meter industry upgrade , Smart meter of enabling sustainable development , Guanghetong showed it on the spot LTE
Cat M,NB-IoT Series modules and smart meters , Remote meter reading solution , Welcome B exhibition hall :B375-B380

  Industry pain points

1, Water meter is an important link between water supply enterprises and terminal customers , Its collection is accurate , security , Reliable data is very important . 

2, Traditional mechanical meters have certain advantages in cost , As labor costs rise , Manual meter reading mode is inconvenient for both enterprises and users , And the efficiency is not high .

3, Intelligent meter can realize remote meter reading , Remote valve control , Fault detection , Abnormal alarm and other functions , But the water meter is often placed in the corridor or underground , In the early stage, wireless coverage is not perfect , It limits the popularization and promotion of intelligent water meter in the market .


Built in security engine

Guanghetong smart meter NB-IoT Solution

this year 5 month , Issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology 《 Notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further promoting the comprehensive development of mobile Internet of things 》 It is emphasized that : reach 2020 end of the year ,NB-IoT Network to achieve universal coverage of main urban areas of cities above county level , Deep coverage of key areas ; Create a group of NB-IoT Application of benchmarking and NB-IoT Application scenario of Megascale connection .NB-IoT This year 7 Month officially written 5G standard , with NB-IoT Mobile Internet of things is the future 5G An important part of IOT strategy . up to now , Construction of three major domestic operators NB-IoT The total number of base stations is about 83 ten thousand , Formed a town , Rural continuous coverage NB-IoT network .

NB-IoT Wide coverage , Big connection , The characteristics of low power consumption can solve the pain point of intelligent water meter network coverage , Provide stability for remote meter reading , Secure data transmission . Guanghetong with built-in security engine NB-IoT Communication module , Provide end-to-end wireless data transmission and access for water supply enterprises , Common security vulnerabilities of water system , Nip in the bud .

Fibocom NB-IoT Series safety modules adopt SM2,SM4 Algorithm for encryption and decryption , Signature verification based on SM3,SM2 algorithm . Self generated public private key pair , The private key does not come out of the security engine ; Support online certificate issuance ; Define industry safety baseline , Perceived risk ; Full flow analysis , Embedded Firewall . Enabling efficiency , Secure data collection .

NB-IoT Smart water meter helps reduce meter reading cost , Real time data analysis , Scientific table management , Timely troubleshooting , Improve operational efficiency . Benefit from technology , policy , standard , The collective boost of operators and upstream and downstream industries ,NB-IoT It is developing rapidly in China ,2019 The annual user scale has exceeded 1 Billion . along with 2020 year NB-IoT Officially become ITU
5G R16 standard , As the demand side NB-IoT Smart meter industry will also enter a period of accelerated growth in the future .


Fibocom NB-IoT Series module enabling intelligent meter

High performance , High cost performance , High integration
The new generation of guanghetong NB-IoT module MC905, Support domestic NB-IoT All network communication , support B3/B5/B8/ Frequency band ; support R14 Protocol version , Stronger network compatibility . Hardware design and guanghetong G550
2G Module compatibility ,LCC+LGA encapsulation , Ultra small size design

17.7×15.8×2.0mm, It is to undertake 2/3G The best choice of low rate Internet of things after network withdrawal .

Fibocom MC905 Differential upgrade scheme with built-in irabi innovation -OpenFOTA programme , Integrated solution to the whole machine OTA Upgrading needs , Not only can the module be upgraded , It also supports upgrading the main control processor .
At the same time, it supports fast docking AEP, Hua Weiyun ,OneNET Cloud platform , Fully meet the demands of customers in different industries . It can be widely used in intelligent meters , Smart parking , Smart agriculture , Smart home appliances , sharing economy , Internet of things applications such as asset tracking .


Fibocom NB-IoT module N700 Can support openness CPU Resources for customers APP use , Streamlining PCBA Structural design of , Further reduce the cost of the whole machine .
N700 support R14 agreement , And in the existing R13 The mobility is optimized to 120km/h.


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