Six star education learned , Website development is something that every programmer will encounter , Want to develop the entire website , You need to learn baiHTML,CSS
,JAVASCRIPT And other basic elements of front-end development , Mainly used to do some website page layout , Special effects of website interface, etc . If not using the website template to build the site , That requires learning the back-end programming language , such as PHP
etc . It is mainly used to control the logic of user operation , Connect to database , Operate the data in the database , Processing user submitted data and other functions . therefore , master PHP Become a required skill for every programmer who wants to develop a website .

first , Six star education will organize most people to learn PHP The process of :

(1) be familiar with HTML/CSS/JS And other basic elements of the web page , Complete web page can be made in the completion stage , Familiar with element attributes

(2) Understanding the concept of dynamic language , Operation mechanism , be familiar with PHP grammar

(3) Learn how to PHP And HTML Combine to complete simple dynamic page

(4) Contact MYSQL, Start designing the database program

(5) Continue to consolidate , Find out most of them PHP Common functions , And understandable OOP,MYSQL optimization , And templates

(6) Complete a complete dynamic site

This set of lines may be most of the learning PHP Programmer learning route , This is also a gradual learning process , However, novice do not see the above summary that learning is quite simple , I have to pour a little cold water on you here , Nothing is really simple . Here you can see the learning ideas of this learning route .

Any website is made up of web pages , So we have to master it HTML, In order to lay the foundation for future website production .

Start learning the concept of dynamic language now ,HTML It's a process HTML Parser , and PHP Of course, it passed PHP The parser , Learn from HTML The same thing . When you gradually understand the concept of programming , So congratulations , You've taken the first step towards success .

Next is the learning database , Finally, it can be passed PHP To connect to the database . When you work hard to learn to use PHP Successful insertion , delete , When updating data , obviously , You're on your way to success . Although grammar is easy to learn , But how to use grammar to realize that everyone has his own way , Almost each has its own merits . However, learn from other people's successful code , It's definitely good , therefore , Look at the classic code that has been tempered and condensed , It's the best way to advance .

What's more, I'd like to remind you , Avoiding Temptations ,ASP/PHP/JSP/.NET The contrast may make you confused , You may have learned half of it PHP, They started fighting again C# The idea of , Or someone said JAVA Very strong , You must not waver at this time , Even if you really want to learn , I have to learn PHP. If you often give up halfway , Nothing , And wasted N More time and experience , the loss outweighs the gain .

Six Star Education launched free 《PHP+JSON Practical construction API Interface development 》 Open experience course , This course is mainly about API Interface development , Interface is always the most popular technical content of website development , and json The data format is API The most common technology in the interface , Mastering it will make you more enterprise level project development . If you want to get materials for the class , note , Source code , You can directly leave a message to consult the editor , You can get the relevant information .

Six star education was founded in 2016 year , Is a focus on the cultivation of China's Internet IT Professional online training institutions for professionals . at present , Six Star Education VIP Students have broken through 2W+ people , Nearly 30% VIP After learning, the students enter the first-line Internet and other large-scale enterprises to work , Six star education will always be a strong team of teachers , Strict teaching management system and advanced curriculum development concept , Training Chinese excellent IT Elite , Continuously deliver high quality talents for the society !

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