Look at the latest re-Invent an assembly , At the meeting AWS As always, a lot of new things have been released , There is a big difference between this year's release and that of previous years , In the past years, more products were released , This year's release is more about “ Solution + product ” The combination of . I personally have a very deep feeling , When domestic manufacturers are still releasing the technology ,AWS Has begun to develop industry solutions products .

“ The market is fair , Will choose the players who really respect it .”

Looking back on a couple of products released this year , Think about the technology behind it , It didn't feel particularly unexpected , But these products are fully exposed AWS stay AI Thinking about , Scene is king , Go deep into the industry , Let's introduce them one by one .

DevOps Guru( Intelligent operation and maintenance tools )

This product is very interesting , In fact, it is to add time series prediction model on the basis of system log collection system , Judge whether the value of the system is within the normal range . There's nothing special about technology , But it's interesting in terms of business model .

AWS It is the largest cloud service provider in the world , Customers move business to the cloud , In fact, the essence of operation and maintenance is AWS Server on . That is to say, when the customer buys the server, they spend a share of the money , Operation and maintenance will cost another share of money , Of course, the parameters of some business indicators can be set as intelligent operation and maintenance items . This product came out , In fact, there are a lot of them in nature AWS Stock customers can be mined . Intelligent operation and maintenance may be a direction of great opportunity in the next stage .

Panorama( Smart camera solution )

Panorama It's a IOT equipment , We can let the camera use the visual model directly . The general usage is as follows :

First, buy a box , Then link the box to the existing camera , Then the real-time image data of the camera can be received through the box for real-time analysis . It can be used to identify the product yield , Smart shelf , Intelligent supply chain and other scenarios .

The interesting thing about this product is that it is open SDK, This means that partners can develop their own solutions with such devices . For example, a partner can make one “ Recognition of smoking action in kitchen ”, And then I'll take this box and sell it to restaurants , This is a good model to mobilize ecological partners .

Lookout for Equipment( Exploration of abnormal equipment information )


This is an industrial scene , Explore the bad equipment information in the industrial scene . Basically AI Now, the point that can be implemented in the industrial scene is the yield identification , Risk identification of such points . I Believe AWS It should be that a lot of projects have been done in these industrial scenarios , Then precipitated a set of solution products .

This kind of product is more difficult to standardize , It's probably a conceptual partial solution class implementation . In fact, there are many companies in this field in China .

Because the bread in the field of industrial production is really big , In particular, China is an industrial power , The annual output of each production line is tens of billions , It is a big number to increase the yield or reduce the loss by one point .

To sum up

actually AWS Our products have always been pragmatic , It's rarely publicized on a large scale , High performance , What's more, it's about how to solve the customer's problems , How to solve the problem . This year is particularly prominent is the industry solution class of products , It should also be the general trend of the industry . Do not grasp the product scene , Will fall behind in the market competition .


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