<> definition

1,vue Global state manager
2, Realize cross layer data transfer between components , Realize data and view responsive update

<> parameter

<>state Status data

usage :
amount to vue Inside data

<>getters obtain

usage :
this.$store.getters .xxx
…mapGetters ([xxx,yyy])
amount to vue Inside computed

<>mutations method

usage :
…mapMutations ([xxx,yyy])
amount to vue Inside methods

<>actions action

usage :
…mapActions ([xxx,yyy])
amount to vue Inside methods( Asynchronous )

<> modular

significance :vuex Allow us to store Divided into modules (module)
Each module has :
Default with namespace login
Default without namespace
Default without namespace
s t o r e . d i s p a t c h ( x x x ) c o n t e x t ( The first One ginseng number ) : c o m m i t
, g e t t e r s , d i s p a t c h , r o o t S t a t e ( whole game s t a t e ) , r o o
t G e t t e r s ( whole game Of g e t t e r s ) 4 , g e t t e r s : Silent recognize No belt life name empty between interview ask
: store.dispatch(xxx)
context( First parameter ):commit,getters,dispatch,rootState( overall situation state),rootGetters( Global getters)
4,getters: Default without namespace visit :store.dispatch(xxx)context( First parameter ):commit,getters,dispatch,
rootState( overall situation state),rootGetters( Global getters)4,getters: Access without namespace by default :store.getters.xxx
state Modular state
Global getters( Including modules getters)
rooterState Global state

<> Namespace

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