Information is complicated in the Internet era , Feelings and stories of Internet giants , Deception in real society , The relationship between people is delicate and complicated , Disputes over interests , Let a young man who has not experienced something think he knows a lot , Actually, it's cute .

The difference in life experience between experienced programmers and novice programmers :

1, Better understanding of reality ( Young people must consult more and be older than you , Someone with more experience than you , Because there are profound lessons , There is no alternative to the flowers to the helpless , I'm so sorry to have patted my thigh , There are all kinds of unspeakable swearing , Have a unique life experience ...)

2, Things that are not directly related to making money will not be done , There is no beating around the bush ( Some people do things without the goal of making money , Only a roundabout way can give him a sense of security , Like learning a technique , Don't learn what the enterprise is actually doing every day , I don't go to the interview every day to make money , I always dream of becoming a martial arts master at home )

3, Good at handling the relationship between the superior and the subordinate , Good at dormancy and forbearance ( What is the company like , What is your colleague's skill , What is a boss , Other department colleagues do not cooperate with their own work, how to do it , See through at a glance )

4, Stable temperament , Bottom line thinking ( Mind your own business , Cultivate yourself , It has its own principles , Touching your bottom line , Never give in )

5, Good at analyzing the real logic behind the surface phenomenon ( Big man with feelings tells you a story , An old hand will only analyze how much profit he can get behind his back , For example, Ma Yun said that banks are pawnshops , I almost cheated a lot of people , This is the master )

6, Be generous , Don't be stingy , Don't be stingy about it , Not stingy smile , Don't be mean and polite

7, Thick skinned , Two palms don't make a sound , I have to shoot , It's the people who connect with you , You'll get to know each other , You are not Wu Yanzu and Chen Guanxi , No one wants to practice with you through your cold appearance , Repeatedly rejected by the interviewer , Thick skin or thick skin , Be seen through , Still thick skinned , Cheekiness is more reliable than a high degree , This is a real skill

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