Just graduated from college ,IT Zero basis , I don't know how to learn JAVA Is it hard ?

java  It's not just a programming language , It is also a professional skill , An efficient tool , A development direction , A kind of ecosystem , It has been popular for decades and will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future , It depends on its efficiency , compatible , Powerful function and influence .

therefore ,java The road of learning is doomed to be bumpy rather than plain sailing . Whether you can maintain a high degree of enthusiasm and consistent interest in learning largely determines how far you can go on this road , After all, interest is the best teacher , Enough to overcome any learning brought boring and learning difficulties .

So as long as you have enough interest , It can be learned completely . be careful ! For programming languages, especially java
This abstraction , Complicated , Strong logic , Strong professionalism , For high-tech programming languages , The initial motivation of learning is best from interest , Not employment pressure , Pursue high salary , Follow suit blindly ...... Extraneous factors .

If you're one of the following , It's not recommended that you learn java.

I don't like to study , cannot remain seated , All 3 Minute heat , Or not interested in computers , Such people are not suitable for learning JAVA Of , Even if you try for a while , Yes JAVA Training institutions , Or you can't get married , Or give up halfway , Can't be in Java Further on the road , study Java The first is interest .

Interest is the best teacher to learn. In fact, the biggest difficulty is to overcome yourself .

As long as you have perseverance , learn from good examples JAVA It's not difficult , Even if you don't have a foundation , No experience , There is no concept , Can also learn .

The inventions JAVA People of , The man who invented the computer was also a blank sheet of paper in the beginning .

They are also constantly thinking , It's only through constant learning and practice that results .

be-all JAVA Masters learn everything from nothing .

Very important , As long as you're interested , You will find learning JAVA It's as simple as playing basketball .

Just graduated from college IT Zero basic science java Is it easy to learn ? tolerable . As long as you don't resent it, you can learn .

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