<> design sketch

<>1.vuex to configure
import Vue from 'vue' import Vuex from 'vuex' Vue.use(Vuex) export default new
Vuex.Store({ state: { bread: [] }, mutations: { }, actions: { } })
<>2. App Monitoring in $route
watch: { $route: { handler(val){ this.$store.state.bread = val.matched; } },
immediate: true }
<>$route Print results

<>matched Medium name In the routing configuration name value <>matched Medium path In the routing configuration path value { path: '/home',
name: ' home page ', component: ()=>import('../views/home') }
<>3. Component code
<template> <el-breadcrumb separator-class="el-icon-arrow-right"> <el-breadcrumb
-item v-for="(i,k) in $store.state.bread" :key="k" :to="{ path: i.path }">{{i.
name}}</el-breadcrumb-item> </el-breadcrumb> </template>

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