According to media reports , A few days ago, some netizens disclosed that ,12 month 12 In the evening , In a residential area of Haidian District, Beijing , A white Tesla Model S Building collision .

   Owner's statement , The vehicle suddenly got out of control at the time of the accident , with 80km/h Hit the residential building at the speed of . From the photos of the scene , This Tesla Model S
The front of the car has been drilled into the bottom of the balcony on the first floor , Huge impact force will hit the balcony steel bars exposed .

   at present , No casualties have been reported , Tesla did not respond .

   It is worth noting that recently , Tesla also happened in South Korea Model X Runaway wall collision accident , The accident resulted in the death of one person in the car ,
The accident caused a fire after the vehicle hit a corner of the parking lot of an apartment building in Seoul . According to the driver's dictation , It is also indicated by the sudden loss of control of the vehicle .

   It is not known whether there is a link between the two Tesla runaway wall crashes , The cause of the accident is misoperation , Or is the vehicle out of control , There is no authoritative identification , South Korean police have begun to investigate the vehicle .

   The last year , Tesla's “ Out of control door ” It can be said that it is getting worse , Many countries have launched security investigations into Tesla .

   this year 1 month , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) express , A request for a formal investigation and recall by the agency will be reviewed 50 A petition for 10000 Tesla cars .

  NHTSA express , The vehicles involved in the petition include 2012 to 2019 Model year Tesla Model S,2016 to 2019 Model year Tesla Model X as well as
2018 to 2019 Model year Tesla Model 3.

   in addition , Earlier this year , South Korea's Ministry of transport said , South Korea's Ministry of transport announced an investigation into the safety of Tesla electric vehicles , These include
Autopilot( Automatic driving assistance system ) Safety problems of functions .

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