Saturday local time , Space Exploration Technologies Inc SpaceX Successful deployment of the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) The secret spy satellite was put into orbit , This is the first time the company has completed this year 26
Sub rocket launch , It also set a new record for the largest number of launches in a year .  

   This mission is called NROL-108, By falcons that have fired four times 9 Rocket booster B1059 from NASA Kennedy Space Center 39A Launch pad into orbit . Launch about 9
Minutes later , The booster returned and landed near Cape Canaveral SpaceX 1 Landing area No.1 (LZ-1).

  B1059 It has been implemented twice before NASA Replenishment mission to the International Space Station , Earlier this year, the SpaceX
A group of satellite chain satellites were put into orbit , An earth observation satellite was recently launched for Argentina .

   in addition ,SpaceX
There was no static ignition test of its rocket before the launch . under normal conditions , The company placed the rocket on the launch pad , A brief engine ignition test will be conducted before launch , To ensure that their systems work as expected .SpaceX
This routine test is rarely skipped , But it is not without precedent .

   This mission marks the NRO This year's sixth launch , So is it SpaceX Falcon 9 The second launch of No.1 rocket .NROL-108 The mission is SpaceX since 2015
Since the first booster was recovered in , The first 50 The booster was refitted and reused , It also marks the first 70 Recovery landing .

  SpaceX Falcons used in the launch 9 Rocket is 2018 Annual iterative , go by the name of Block 5, With about 770
Ton thrust , Other upgrades have been made , So that it can be reused quickly .SpaceX express , Each booster can fly with minor modifications 10 second , May fly before retirement 100
second . up to now ,SpaceX The same booster has been launched and recovered up to seven times .

   next year ,SpaceX It is expected that satellite link satellites will continue to be launched frequently , Two more manned missions , And a heavy launch vehicle Falcon Heavy launch .( Small )

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