At Microsoft, they gave up their own classic version Edge On the browser EdgeHTML rendering engine , And switch to open source Google Chromium After kernel ,Mozilla Firefox
It's the only alternative to Google .Chris Beard Once upon a time 2018 year 12
Month representation , Microsoft has given Google more control over online life . But even if it's only third in the browser market ,Mozilla Every update of , Still working hard for Firefox Introduce a lot of improvements .

   Giving up for Microsoft EdgeHTML At the same time ,Mozilla I also know that this has increased Firefox The difficulty of revival . in many ways , Enhancement of Google's functions , There are certain risks .

A lot of that depends on the behavior of the service and the site's creators , If it looks like Chromium Enough market share , be Web Developers and enterprises can Chromium
More comfortable with compatibility .

Just like Microsoft IE stay Firefox Pre birth 2000 Monopoly of browser market in the early S , This is likely to happen again .

   If only from the perspective of market strategy , Move to Chromium kernel , It's really greatly improved the new edition Microsoft Edge Market share of browser . In the new edition Edge
At the same time ,Firefox Unfortunately, it lost the second place in the global browser market .

of course ,Mozilla We have been welcoming healthy market competition ,Firefox Users can also benefit in the end . As part of the measures taken earlier this year ,Mozilla
It can now be released every four weeks Firefox Big version update .

Although occasionally there are some bug Need to deal with , but Firefox One of the world's leading browsers , Especially in the use of new features , For example, it is the first to support multiple picture in picture windows .

   in addition Firefox Browsers receive major updates every month , For example, recently released Firefox 83 All platform oriented pure HTTPS pattern ,PiP
Shortcut key , search , And big improvements in browser performance .

it is reported ,Mozilla stay 11 month 17 It was officially launched on July 1 Firefox 83, And replaced it JavaScript
Part of the engine , Helps improve code compilation and website rendering , At the same time, improve the safety and maintainability of the engine .

Benefit from JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey) Major update of ,Firefox The speed of . Page loading +15%, response speed
+12%, At the same time, the memory consumption is reduced 8% .

   to make a long story short , Microsoft to Chromium Migration of , Not really Firefox The future development of China will have too much influence , And in some ways, it improves the user's browsing experience .

   last ,Mozilla Firefox Still on the market to replace Google Chromium Browser's only advanced choice .

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