Have you ever heard of a device with a Qualcomm snapdragon Processor “ Function machine ”?

   yesterday , NOKIA 6300 4G Pre sale has been officially opened , This is a replica of the appearance 2007 Nokia 6300 Function machine , Based on high pass snapdragon 210 Processor building .

   At present, it has been put on the market of Nokia mobile phone mall and cooperative e-commerce platform , price 429 element , existing 1 Yuan offset 30 Meta activity , The price is on hand only 399 element , Available in black , Turquoise , Three white colors .

   Configuration , NOKIA 6300 4G A piece of 2.4 inch TFT screen , Carrying snapdragon 210 processor , supplemented 512MB Transportation and storage ,4GB Memory , built-in
1500mAh Battery , Standby time up to 27.9 day , Talk time 8.2 hour .

   It is worth mentioning that , The aircraft is equipped with a brand new KaiOS system , In snapdragon 210 Under the blessing of , Performance comparable to Smartphone .

   meanwhile , Built in App Store , Available UC browser ,PDF Download the reader and other utility tools , Meet daily needs , in addition , NOKIA 6300 Pre installed lazy people listen to books
APP, It can provide listening books for the elderly , Novels, radio programs, etc .

   As a replica phone , NOKIA 6300 4G It has been used in appearance 2007 Nokia released in 6300 element .

   however , It's a pity , Although the appearance continues , But in the fuselage material craft uses is the polycarbonate material , comparison 07 year 6300 Stainless steel housing for , NOKIA 6300 4G
A lot less “ taste ”.

   Some netizens said : No stainless steel case , There is no soul , We can't show the true color of steel .

   exactly , Once upon a time 6300 Simple design with stainless steel shell , Plus Nokia Symbian Series 40 V3 system , Let him take it at one stroke 2007-2008
The number one sales volume in the world .

   according to the understanding of , since HMD After taking over Nokia's mobile phone business from Microsoft , We will focus on the reproduction of Nokia's classic models , These include Nokia 8110 4G, NOKIA 5310 etc .

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