With the e-commerce industry , The new retail field has higher and higher requirements on the timeliness of logistics distribution , Smart Logistics , Unmanned storage , Automatic sorting system is playing an important role in practical application . and 5G, Internet of things , New technologies such as artificial intelligence will play an important role in the process of intelligent logistics transformation “ Key roles ”.

Traditional solutions in logistics warehousing operation management pain point

· Networking of traditional warehousing , The degree of intensification is low , Low level of resource sharing , Lack of scientific warehouse control , In the warehousing, sorting and other operations, coordination is poor , Frequent manual intervention , The overall innovation ability is weak .

· The overall digital level is low , It's hard to maximize big data , Advantages of artificial intelligence and other technologies , And blockchain , The level of innovation and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence is relatively low .

· Traditional warehousing AGV There are many wireless communication protocols used , particularly Wi-Fi Mostly , Each has its own shortcomings and is relatively closed , Equipment interconnection is difficult , Restrict the device to cloud .

Other pain points :

1, Network interference ,Wi-Fi The security of wireless connection , The stability is not ideal ;

2, Multi machine concurrency and cooperation , Limited bandwidth of wired network , Multi terminal access can not guarantee real-time performance ;

3, Terminal complexity , cost , Performance issues ;

4, Management and control issues ;

5, Deployment of construction problems ;

6, Switching problem ...


5G Private network provides support for high density unmanned warehouse intelligent operation

5G Intelligent logistics unmanned warehouse project , rely on 5G Deep integration of chip module and industry terminal ,5G Private network terminal - edge - Cloud collaborative innovation technology and self-developed whole system , Realize in storage AGV,AMR(Automated
Robot), Forklift , Robot arm and unmanned warehouse vision system 5G network connections , Solve the problem of reliable connection in existing factory warehouse , Pain points of deployment maintenance , Through terminal control , Intelligent scheduling upper edge cloud , And the cloud of storage brain and business system , Realize the storage of goods in storage , Picking , carry , Management and operation of unmanned chemical plant in the whole process of sorting and other operations , Achieve a high degree of automation , Intellectualization .

Logistics warehousing plus 5G technology , Derived rich 5G application , Logistics warehousing and 5G The typical application of technology combination is distributed in warehousing , storage , pack , sorting , In the whole process of warehouse out .5G Intelligent devices include AGV,AMR, Inspection robot , Forklift ,AI camera , Manipulator, etc .


Fibocom FG650 5G Module power   Intelligent transformation of intelligent logistics unmanned warehouse


Fibocom FG650
5G The module is equipped with the first Ziguang zhanrui based on Makalu communication technology platform 5G Baseband chip — Ivy V510, Using TSMC 12nm Process technology , Support multiple 5G key technology , support Sub-6GHz
Frequency band and 100MHz bandwidth , Realizable 2G/3G/4G/5G Multiple communication modes , Support at the same time SA( Independent networking ) and NSA( Non independent networking ) Networking mode , Fully satisfied 5G Different communication and networking requirements in the development stage , It is a high integration , High performance , Low power 5G Baseband chip . utilize 5G High bandwidth , Technical advantages of wide connection , Wireless networking of various devices in intelligent logistics unmanned warehouse , Intelligent analysis through cloud , Assist managers to make decisions ; Fibocom 5G module FG650 It can be adapted and integrated into different terminals , as AGV,AMR, Forklift , Mechanical arm, etc , Make the industry terminal have fast 5G Communication capability .

2020 Nianzhongguancun 5G Innovative application competition   Third prize of intelligent logistics track

2020 Nianzhongguancun 5G Innovation application competition intelligent logistics track final , Jointly declared by guanghetong and Ziguang zhanrui “ use ‘ core ’ Help 5G Intelligent unmanned warehouse ” get 5G Fusion innovation application competition - Third prize of intelligent logistics track
. it is reported , This competition focuses on “ New infrastructure ”, Enabling new scenes , Cultivating new formats as the theme , around 5G Core technology and smart Park , Intelligent logistics , UAV , Smart site , Industrial Internet, etc 5G Innovative application scenarios , combination “ New infrastructure ” Construction demands , For 4 Month's declaration , Selection , Finally, the professional evaluation panel publicized the high technical level , Complete landing solution , Intelligent warehouse solution with good demonstration effect .

at present , The project has carried out innovative application demonstration in Jingdong unmanned warehouse , Will be wide and harmonious 5G Module integrated into intelligent terminal , utilize 5G Private network ,MEC, Slicing characteristics , Make unmanned warehouse intelligent , Networking and cloud intelligence through robotics , Support large scale collaborative operation of robots , And reduce the cost of single robot equipment , Enhance the market competitiveness of intelligent logistics unmanned warehouse .


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