Weibo has warmed up for a few days , Lu Weibing also said that a talk show would be held to stir up the heat ,Redmi Note 9 Finally, the series was officially released in Xiaomi science park this evening .

   In fact, the talk show before the press conference is not a talk show full of laughs in the traditional sense , In fact, it's just Lu Weibing's own opinion Redmi Status quo and self make complaints about Internet public opinion , It will soon enter the official press conference , Yes
Note 9 Series 「 Three swordsmen 」.

   Lu Weibing said ,Redmi Note The series has now been sold 1.4 100 million units , However, Lu Weibing mistakenly said that it was 1.4 10000 sets , As a result, there were more laughter on the spot .

   get down to business , this time 「 Three swordsmen 」 The first one is Redmi Note 9 Pro, share 「 Lake and Autumn 」,「 Blue sea and stars 」,「 Silent starry sky 」 Three colors .

   In terms of configuration, the first high pass snapdragon 750G,2+6 Large and small core design , The big core is A77 framework , Performance ratio Redmi Note 8 Pro Promoted 20%, Running points should also be higher .

   The screen is equipped with a six speed shift center hole LCD, Up to 120Hz, Ultra small aperture only 3.8mm, stay LCD China should be the first tier . The resolution is FHD
level ,2400×1080, It also supports traditional millet technologies such as sunlight screen and luminous screen .

   the reason being that LCD screen , So we used the side fingerprint technology , Other aspects include linear motors and dual speakers , in addition Redmi Note 9 Pro Adopted 4820mAh
Big battery , as well as 33W Fast charging , Fill up in an hour .

   Except for Qualcomm 750G,Redmi Note 9 Pro Also launched Samsung's 100 million pixel HM2 sensor ,1/1.52
The bottom , Support pixel nine in one . It's really powerful when it's 100 million pixels in good daylight .

   The camera is 7P Of , After nine in one 2.1 Micron large pixel , It also supports dual native ISO function , Notice it's not Xiaomi 10 Dual primitives on the supreme Commemorative Edition ISO Fusion, It's about harmony
IMX689 Similar technologies .

  750G Can you carry 100 million pixels , Lu Weibing said the film speed ratio CC9 Pro Upgrade up to 3.8 times , The burst speed has reached 2 times .

  NFC, infra-red ,3.5mm Earphone port ,MIUI12, Add the linear motor and dual speakers mentioned above , It's a bucket machine . ​​​

   Next is Note 9 No Pro, The processor adopts Tianji 800U, Performance improvement 100%, Flash first UFS 2.2, Increased Write Turbo
technology , Large files read and write faster .

   The battery uses the 5000mAh Big battery ,5G Lower standby ratio Note 8 4G Promoted 30%.

   There are other aspects 6.53 inch FHD Digging screen , Linear motor , Side fingerprint . have 「 Stream shadow purple 」,「 Beyond the green hills 」,「 Cloud ink grey 」 Three colors .

   The third paragraph is Note 9 4G edition , red , blue , young , Four colors .198g The machine is light and thin … The premise is to carry a piece 6000mAh
Milliampere super battery , This battery capacity , The endurance is invincible .

   Other aspects ,6.53 Inch water drop screen ,UFS 2.2, Dual speakers .

  One More Thing yes Redmi Watch, Three color body and five color strap ,1.4 Inch HD screen , have
NFC, waterproof , Heart rate and other functions , In fact, it can be regarded as a large bracelet . Price 299 element , First offer 269 element .

  Note 9/Note 9 Pro as well as Redmi Watch Book now ,12 month 1 day 0 Point Omni channel sales ,Note 9 4G It's already on sale .

   Finally, the prices of all products today are attached .

  Redmi Note 9 Pro:

* 6GB+128GB 1599 element
* 8GB+128GB 1799 element
* 8GB+256GB 1999 element
  Redmi Note 9:

* 6GB+128GB 1299 element
* 8+128GB 1499 element
* 8+256GB 1699 element .
  Redmi Note 9 4G:

* 4GB+128GB 999 element
* 6GB+128GB 1099 element
* 8GB+128GB 1299 element
* 8GB+256GB 1499 element ​​​

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