Face recognition is no stranger to us , from iPhone above Face ID Alipay face payment again , This technology, once seen only in science fiction movies, is becoming more and more common .

   In principle , A convenient technology should be more and more popular , However, it was reported that face recognition was disabled two days ago :

   At first, it was a little unexpected , How does the sales office sell a house with face recognition ?

   Only later did I know , The purpose of face recognition is to distinguish between natural customers and channel customers .

   Naturally visiting customers means that Shichao takes the initiative to see the house , And the channel to visit customers means that the world super is through the intermediary introduction to see the house .

   The reason why sales offices use face recognition , Is to see if you have taken the initiative to come to the sales office .

   Because the sales office will generally give the intermediary some purchase discounts , There are no natural customers .

   If you've ever visited the house yourself , It was recorded by a face recognition machine , You go to the agency , You can't enjoy the group buying discount of intermediary , Because you have been identified by the machine as “ Natural visitors ”.

   So there are some people wearing helmet masks to see the house ..

   good heavens , This is how our precious faces are used by real estate ...

   This is actually quite good , At least there was no economic loss .

   And some people just brush their faces , Not only did not wait for the house payment , The house was transferred out on the same day , It was even mortgaged to a third party ...

   This should be launched from Nanning real estate registration center  “ another name for Nanning e Deng ” Of App Speaking of , And this one App The launch is also in order to let everyone less run errands through the way of online processing .

   Although the intention is good , But because App Brush face certification , Once the certification is passed , Not only can you query the real estate under your name , You can also transfer property ...

   The intermediary is deceiving the client to take the house file checking as an excuse , stay App
After face authentication on , He sold the house . in other words , Now people's face information , At some point , It's already a way to authenticate . obviously , We don't adequately protect our own face information . Faces leaked from various channels , a sheet
5 Cents ,3 Cents ……  Better than cabbage .

   therefore , Although face recognition is very convenient , But Shichao thinks that sometimes , Disable face recognition , Can greatly reduce our risk and protect our privacy .

   beyond seas , Several regions in the United States have already issued laws banning face recognition .

   stay 2019 January , Amazon's face recognition technology  Rekognition  When distinguishing a woman's face from a dark skin face , It is difficult to identify the system .

   The study also said Rekognition There was no mistake in identifying lighter skinned men , But the probability of mistaking women for men is 19% , However, the probability of mistaking women with darker skin color for men was 0
31% .

   You're not politically correct in face recognition ...

   get down to business , If that's what the Institute says , So in the actual use of the process, there is a certain chance to admit the wrong person , And once you get the wrong person , There will be more trouble after that ...

   Actually, San Francisco is 2019 year 5 Face recognition technology was disabled in January , And just two days ago , Massachusetts also voted for a police ban on facial recognition .

   Portland is a place to go , It's in 9 A ban was passed in June , It not only bans the use of the technology by the Urban Council , Face recognition is also not available in private companies and public places ...

   And in our country , This year 10 month 21 day , It's already released  《 Personal information protection law of the people's Republic of China ( draft ) 》 , This is what the second section, Article 29, says :

   To put it bluntly, sensitive information can no longer be collected casually .

   Before that, a citizen who was born as a doctor of law was dissatisfied with Hangzhou wildlife world's forced use of face information as a condition to enter the park , Took the zoo to court , And finally won the lawsuit .

   The case of zoo face brushing is also known as “ The first case of face recognition ” ▼

   put in plain language , I just bought a ticket to go in and see the animals , What do you want my face information for ?

   High speed railway station should use face recognition , It is to increase security on the basis of real name ticket purchase , Basically put an end to the risk of scalpers and fake tickets , You can understand that .

   And you want a zoo , It's too much of a fuss ?

   Before that, I gave you mobile phone number and so on , Now you have to go whoring even what I look like , Isn't it a little too much ?

   In fact, personal privacy has been discussed for a long time , We are harassed by more and more phone calls and text messages , Including the world super often receive spam , Then I realized , I've been stripped of my underwear ...

   Then came face recognition , I just don't want to repeat what I've been through , So we have to be more careful about our face information .

   After using face recognition several times , The world super will really feel that we are getting closer and closer to the future , But when our personal privacy is completely out of our control , So it's better to live in the past .

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