12 month 29 day , Official announcement of Tongxin software , recently , Tongxin UOS App store (ARM
edition ) Launch a batch of popular Android Applications , Including wechat ,QQ, Flush , Enterprise wechat , Today's headlines , Learning from powerful countries , Tiktok , Iqiyi , Tencent Conference , Nails, etc .

   according to the understanding of , Tongxin UOS Compatible with Android operating environment , The launch of Android APP, It solves the diversified application requirements of users .

  ARM Unified trust of platform UOS Users only need to search the app name in the app store or Android Choose from the topic , One click installation and use .

   it is reported , In Tongxin UOS Using Android on the Internet APP Consistent with the experience on mobile platforms such as mobile phones , Perfect operation .

   Notice unified software , follow-up , There will be more mature and easy to use online , Common and fun Android APP, Meet the diverse application needs of different users .

   Official data show that ,2020 Year after year , Tongxin software and 1500+ cooperative partner , It's done 20000 Multiple adaptation services , Complete all kinds of hardware and software product adaptation 4500
Balance , It covers office work , social contact , Video entertainment , development tool , Image processing, etc , Common popular applications have basically reached full coverage .

   Not long ago , Tongxin software released the latest version of the desktop operating system UOS professional edition
V20(1030). Compared with the previous version , The new version unifies the touch screen , Touch Pad , Interaction rules of shortcut keys , Many self-developed applications are compatible with it .

   At the same time, file manager added full-text search function , Bluetooth new file transfer , Calculator adds scientific calculation , Self developed camera , disk administrator , Security Center , E-mail client and other practical applications launched .

   Tongxin software ,1030 Version truly realizes the richness of application ecology , performance , Comprehensive upgrade of interactive experience .

   The following is Tongxin UOS Running wechat on the Internet ,QQ Waiting for Android APP Interface :

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