According to foreign media reports , U.S.A 《 variety 》 Magazine release 2020 Best international series list , share 15
A TV play , domestic 《 A secret corner 》 In column , In second place , It is also the only domestic drama on the list . TV play 《 The secret corner 》 It's iqiyi 2020 Made in 12
Short suspense series , During the broadcast period, the whole network was captured in one fell swoop 216 Hot search , The highest score in Douban was up to 9.2, It is a popular drama series with high public praise .

   this year 10 month 25 day ,2020 The second Pusan International Film Festival “ Asia content Awards ” Award ceremony held in Pusan, South Korea .《 A secret corner 》 Successful capture “ Best Creative Award ”(BEST
CREATIVE), And became the first Chinese TV series to win the award . Rong Zishan, the actor of Zhu Chaoyang in the play, won the prize “ Best new actor award ”(NEWCOMER ACTOR).

   Global 15 A complete list of the best shows :

  《 Alev 》(Aleph) turkey

  《 A secret corner 》(The Bad Kids!) China

  《 Forced landing of love 》(Crash Landing on You) the republic of korea

  《 Hidden life 》(Invisible Stories) Singapore

  《 a group 》(La Jauria) Chile

  《 normal person 》(Normal People) britain

  《 Underworlds 》(Paatal Lok) India

  《 Psychic records 》(Paranormal) Egypt

  《 Gang 》(Partisan) Sweden

  《 motherland 》(Patria) Spain

  《 property 》(Possessions) France

  《 Q & A 》(Quiz) britain

  《 poison 》 Season one (Veneno) Spain

  《 True colors 》(We Are Who We Are) Italy

  《 We can 》(We Got This) Sweden

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