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For various reasons , Most testers , The first contact was pure functional interface testing , With years of service , Will be exposed to some common testing tools , Like grabbing bags , database ,linux etc .

The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead , The front wave died on the beach ”, Once a joke that makes people smile , Now it has become a true portrayal of the software testing industry . Due to the low entry threshold of software testing industry , High pay , There is a lot of fresh blood scouring the software testing industry “ Forerunner ” People , It puts a lot of pressure on us .

How many years have those been in the business , But it is still the pressure of functional test students . At the end of the day , Software testing industry is still a technical post . Since it's a technical post , It depends on technology . Keep learning new skills , Improve software testing “ look for bug” The ability of software testing has become an urgent problem for software testing practitioners . therefore , Now most of the junior functional testers are moving towards automation , performance , Safe approach .

All the confusion is because think too much and do too little ! Every software testing industry practitioners are aware of the dilemma they are facing , But it can change in time , There are still too few people to adapt to the changes of the times . Most people know that “ Mount Tai collapsed in front of the earth ” Can you only watch yourself eliminated by the industry ?

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I majored in Computer Science in University , There is a certain programming basis . My software testing career began to be like most testers , At first, I did software function test in an e-commerce company . I have been in this industry for nearly ten years now . Sometimes I look back on the ups and downs I've experienced along the way , I can't help feeling : My own luck , Appreciation from superiors and help from colleagues .

2014 In the year of , Due to the project , Getting started Robot Framework Test framework , Because of it Python The basis of the so quickly understand Robot
Framework How the framework works , And can develop system keywords according to the needs of the project .

2015 Years move with time App More and more popular , Take advantage of the gap between jobs , I started studying for a month appium Automation tools , But I didn't use it at work, and then I didn't go on .

later , I started writing for another community project Web UI automated testing , For months before and after , Some experience has been accumulated , Start trying to design Web Automation Framework , At that time, it was mainly aimed at Selenium
API Package of . I have more and more opportunities to do automation related work , of course , I learned this skill first , then , Company projects are more suitable for automation , therefore , I tried to do it , last , This became my experience .

however , Soon I will be transferred to another project responsible for the test of the company interface platform , This project supports different lines of business within the company , In order to ensure the quality of the interface more efficiently , A set of software based on PHPunit Interface automation project of , Because the entire interface platform also has PHP development , therefore , I started trying to use it PHP Write interface automation test . This automation project is very efficient to ensure the stability of the interface platform , I maintained it for two years .

Testing sometimes has to develop its own technology along with the project , But it is also the accumulation of previous programming foundation and automation experience , therefore , It's going to be quick PHP Interface automation project .

2018 I started working as a full stack engineer , Develop internal management platform from zero with team , Back end Django Interface design framework , Front end vue.js Frame design page , The project has been applied throughout the company .

This stage is a bit of a long span , But I have some ideas in front of me , When you master more technology , Then you will have more opportunities to continue to improve yourself .

2019 Entered the test management post from , be responsible for App Team testing , And help the team build App Automation project and test platform .

My road to automated testing , All the way Python language , Because of earlier contact and use Python language , therefore , I've accumulated a lot of Python The experience of language automation testing . Here, I am confused as a person who has been here , Don't know the direction of the test or ready to transfer some of their own suggestions .

At the right age , Choose the right position , Try to give full play to your advantages

If you don't know what programming language to learn , According to the development language of the project , This will also help you to test bug Understanding of .

When you think your job is idle , This is when you can have more time to study , however , The content of learning must be based on one's own work , Only in this way can we turn the learned technology into work experience .

Master the principle of automation tools, and use them more easily , It is easier to master if you have some programming foundation , And it also requires that you have a certain programming foundation .

You can often go to some technical forums , group . Communicate more with others , Some technical problems are discussed . I recommend it here (642830685), group , Answer questions with technical experts

Rapid development of the network now , Fast iteration of product update , Technology is changing with each passing day . It also forces us to keep learning , If you don't pay attention, you will be eliminated

I also sorted out the test direction needs to learn and master the tools :

1,Web End test : Using browser tools ,network,console Console , Test compatibility
2, Mobile terminal app test :( Android /IOS/ipad end ) The whole process of testing , Compatibility test , Stability test , Fluency test ,adb Common commands
3, Server : Master interface testing , Use of bag grabbing tools , How to check the integrity of the interface
4,Linux: Commonly used shell command , View error log
5, Database testing : Familiar with database table structure , Master the common addition, deletion, modification and query sql sentence , It is convenient to analyze the test results .
6,SVN/git Version control tools ,postman,jenkins Application packaging and construction

let me put it another way , If you get a new product test feature , If you can get through the table structure of the database , And analysis system log to quickly familiarize with product business , Explain your test thinking , Functional testing capabilities are already excellent . At that time, I mastered the above skills , Work efficiency has been improved in the company , Relatively easy , And more confident about the future

The benefits of automated testing are more than just better pay , Including the pit in the process of automatic test , Solutions to problems , And the expansion of technology , Increased insight . Finally formed a set of knowledge framework system , A set of effective automatic testing scheme is obtained .

<> Experience of automatic testing :

Misunderstanding that automated testing is useless ?:
Automation is an eternal topic for test engineers , I'm often asked about it :
as for " Can automated testing really improve efficiency ? I don't think so ”, I think this is the biggest misunderstanding of the meaning of automated testing .
A knowledge like automation ‎ have to ‎ No, ‎ use , Because ‎ For you no ‎ Meeting . And what you don't know , It's often your minefield
Why do we do automated testing again ? I think the biggest significance is that , Solidify the ability of testers .
Scripts can represent the tester's test methods , Through the script, the original ability in the human body , Solidify as assets of the organization .
such as : Build test data , Run a lot of database scripts , Page service monitoring, etc
Automated test scripts , Can make different teams even if they don't understand the function , You can also share this ability by testing the script , That's what automation is all about .

When you can build your own framework , Secondary packaging , Development time , You're ahead of most people , You are already at the top of the industry . I have the confidence to negotiate with any company .

<> therefore , Come on , Go for what you want .

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