In recent years , New energy vehicle market continues to be stable and good , Agatsuma MINI EV Sales soared .

  12 month 1 Daily News , From Wuling official , Agatsuma MINI EV sales volume 11 Month continues to break out and climb new heights , Up to 33,094 Vehicle , The highest single day sales breakthrough 2000
Vehicle , New energy vehicle sales record in China , Up to now, it has become the only vehicle with a monthly sales volume of more than 30000 in the domestic new energy market this year .

   it is reported , Agatsuma MINI EV The proportion of sales by individual users 96% above , This means that on average, there are more than 1100 Purchase by users .

   before , Agatsuma MINI EV Previously, it has been ranked as the top seller of domestic new energy retail for two consecutive months , among 9 Monthly sales volume is 14,495 Vehicle ,10 Monthly sales volume is 20,631 Vehicle .

   It is worth mentioning that , current , Agatsuma MINI EV Around Taobao , Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms have formed a large-scale commodity cluster , one side , Agatsuma MINI EV
Seat cover , Floor mats and other accessories become popular e-commerce products , on the other hand , Agatsuma MINI EV Refitting culture raises stickers , The upsurge of automobile film consumption .

   Take Taobao as an example , Monthly sales exceed 500 There are lots of related derivatives , Sales of more than 1000 are not a few . so to speak , Many individual economies have also shared the glory MINI EV Hot selling “ dividend ”.

   Wuling Hongguang MINI EV Known as “ People's scooter ”, Three styles in total , Easy style , Free money , Yuexing , Official guidance 2.88 Ten thousand yuan ,3.28 Ten thousand yuan ,3.88
Ten thousand yuan , Range 120km,120km,170km.

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