One , Which functions are responsive :

1.push Append data after

5.sort() sort

6.reverse() Sequence flip abcd ----> dcba

When modifying the data in the array in the red box , The interface has no responsive effect


Two , Higher order function : Operations on arrays

1,filter function , Returns a Boolean value

The return value is true, The current value is returned ; If the return value is false, The current value is not returned . Cycle to judge the data in the data , Until it's done ;

2,map function , After processing the values in the array , Returns the corresponding value . Cycle to judge the data in the data , Until it's done .

3,reduce function , It can be understood as “ total ” It's an action of the game

Joint use of higher order functions :

A more concise way of writing :

example :


Three ,v-model Usage of :

1,data Inside message Field bound to input In the control of , Change control or change data inside message Value of , Will change accordingly , Bidirectional binding .

modify message value :

Modify control value :

principle :

v-model The use of single control :

PS:input Inside name attribute , It's in the form , With the same name , Only one can be selected ; But there are v-model after , You can name Remove the attribute of , The effect is the same .

v-model documentary , The use of multiple choice box : The radio box corresponds to a Boolean value , Multiple box corresponding array

among :label What is the effect of clicking “ Agreement ” You can also choose the text you want

v-model And select Application of :

Single choice : be careful v-model The location of

Multiple choice : The return value is an array , At the same time, it needs to be increased multiple Properties of , Press on the interface shift,Ctrl Key for multiple selection

Value binding : The interface data is obtained from the background , Then render the relevant data to the interface , It is no longer a dead option on the interface

Pay attention to the cycle id To do dynamic binding v-bind!

v-model Modifier for

lazy: The content is updated when the carriage returns or the data loses focus ;

number: You can automatically convert the content you enter in the input box to a number type ;

trim: You can filter the spaces between the beginning and the end of a string .



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