It's worth it 11 period , Xintang science and technology innovation products conference –
Shenzhen station arrived on schedule . The exhibition of innovative products shows the complete ecosystem of Xintang science and technology , And flexible matching industry design solutions . Site of the conference , Guanghetong, together with Xintang science and Technology Co. Ltd. released the "guanghetong" LTE Cat
1 module L610 Industrial gateway reference design solution based on , Provide one-stop reference design for users .



The industrial gateway reference design solution is based on Xintang NUC980DK61Y, By guanghetong LTE Cat
1 module L610 provide 4G Wireless communication function , It can provide fast access for terminal equipment manufacturers , Cost effective remote industrial control solution . For : smart city , Intelligent factory , Application of intelligent agriculture and other industries .



Fibocom L610 Cat 1 Series module products (L610, L610 MiniPCIe,LC610N) Based on purple light Cat 1
bis Exclusive chip , Industrial quality , Full coverage of Asia , Network frequency band of major operators in Europe and Latin America .

· support LTE Cat 1 bis/GSM/GPRS Three mode communication ;

· Different packages , Meet the needs of different industries :

L610,L610 MiniPCIe Can communicate with Guanghe NL668 series Pin compatible , Direct substitution .

LC610N use LGA encapsulation ,25.4x27.6mm The ultimate size supports the miniaturization of the terminal .

· Support standard data transmission and Open CPU Delivery in two software forms ;

· support VoLTE,Audio,Camera,Display,Keypad Etc ;

· Optional support BT and Wi-Fi Scan To meet the needs of short distance communication and indoor positioning ;

· Rich interface :USB/UART/SPI/I2C/SDIO etc. ;

· Support mainstream cloud platform connection , Like a cloud in the sky , Tencent cloud , Alicloud , Huawei cloud, etc .


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