Many novice systems complete the employment class , In fact, the ability is still good , Common technology stack will also understand , Can also read other people's code , modular , Architecture, etc , But I found that some novice encountered business is very confused , It seems that I don't know how to write

1, Business understanding , actually 90% The purpose of developing the function of : display , Even if there are other logical processes , It's also to pave the way for this display , It's also a lot of back-end and front-end work , In order to be able to ” display “ This goal , We need to define the data structure ( General single column and double column set can be done ), Logical processing is needed to get the required data , You need to return data that meets the rules , If you really don't understand , Imagine that the data table stored in the database should look like this , In order to save this row of data into the data table , How can I achieve this goal , In this way, the data is stored in the database to complete the task , In the future, there are ways to get business data from the database to achieve the goal

2, Understanding of data , Now many projects are separated or close to the front and back end separation , So the understanding of data is particularly important , Even if it's template based hybrid development , In fact, they are the same , There are all kinds of data , The presentation layer can use this data to do something , The data you can see is just like this , In order to achieve such data return , You have to define a common response return class in the back end , then data Pass in the parameters for logical processing , And then this one data What format should it be in the back end , In order to achieve this format , What data structures do I need to define first , The data is defined , How can I write code to fill in the data that fits the rules
{ "code": 100001, "message": "success", "data": { "pageNum": 1, // Can be omitted
"pageSize": 10, // Parameters from the front end , Can be omitted "totalPage": 1, // Can be omitted "totalCount": 7, // Can not be omitted
"userlist": [ { "id": 15, "username": " Xiaolong in Wuhan ", "password":
"$2a$10$Gk/8bByeKfEciTnXWHWtxukGKG6zASwfZ1xNtIA5LseNBzcAwYM3G", "icon": null,
"email": null, "nickName": null, "note": null, "createTime":
"2020-10-27T01:08:44.000+00:00", "loginTime": null, "status": 1 }, { "id": 16,
"username": " Xiaolong in Wuhan 1", "password":
"$2a$10$GG10gre7x3DqlWclvdpsA.k1nugTKG6kcfpptM5Lz9iMLa98nK6ru", "icon": null,
"email": null, "nickName": null, "note": null, "createTime":
"2020-10-27T01:31:46.000+00:00", "loginTime": null, "status": 1 }, { "id": 17,
"username": " Xiaolong in Wuhan 2", "password":
"$2a$10$MkWmndKluhBRrIkmU391Su7xUwZ5frg.wZEqgU9654LpKvdtaHW.q", "icon": null,
"email": null, "nickName": null, "note": null, "createTime":
"2020-10-27T01:31:48.000+00:00", "loginTime": null, "status": 1 }, { "id": 18,
"username": " Xiaolong in Wuhan 3", "password":
"$2a$10$IinIEN2CF3gyme2hf7Hy7uqo6dJsMiFSqDFJRIO/a1gm18CVp8JPi", "icon": null,
"email": null, "nickName": null, "note": null, "createTime":
"2020-10-27T01:31:50.000+00:00", "loginTime": null, "status": 1 } ] }}
3, Formal parameters and return values

We all know these two concepts , But it's always confusing to combine with business , I don't know what I'm doing , Formal parameters are what you need , I don't need to care who passed the terms , I don't care what this parameter will look like when it is introduced into the actual parameter , With this parameter, I can continue to work , It's a big deal. I don't want to debug with me in order to complete the task or wait for other people to grind , I assume myself to define the simplest argument that matches the formal parameter , And then deal with the logic , Then go to process the return value , Follow up to connect with others seamlessly

4, Don't innovate

Some novices or veterans enter the company , The first thing to see is definitely the project , Overall design of the project , Code style routines , Layout of each module , These are fixed , It can be understood as : stereotyped writing , You just need to imitate them , The structure remains unchanged, and then go to modify the code , You can be like them , Can be accepted by them , Don't create something by yourself , Or you'll be rejected by your colleagues

5, Abstract thinking ability must be improved a little

The higher the degree of abstraction , The closer you get to the essence of things

The lower the level of abstraction , Your mind will be entangled with all sorts of details

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