recent years , Domestic hardware chips continue to advance , Domestic operating systems are also making great strides forward , And evaluate whether an operating system is easy to use , A very important indicator is whether the software ecology is rich , After all, the support of commonly used software , Directly affect the user experience .

   get into 2020 Since , Owned by Tongxin software UOS The ecological adaptation of the system is developing rapidly , All kinds of software and hardware products supported have exceeded 3800 paragraph , Today, we announced for the first time the adaptation progress of common desktop software .

   All the adaptations have been completed : tencent QQ, WeChat , Enterprise wechat , Social software such as nails , Sogou , Hua Yu Pinyin , IFLYTEK and other input methods ,360 security ,Firefox,Chrome,QQ
Etc ,360 Security guard ,360 Antivirus and other security software , And Jinshan WPS, Thunder , Sunflower , Foxin reader ,CAJViewer,VLC player ,360
compress , Kingsoft PowerWord , Thunderbird mail ,360 Cloud disk and other commonly used software .

   Some of them have completed partial adaptation : Baidu network disk , NetEase cloud music ,CAD Look at the picture quickly , MiTalk ,Seafile Network disk , Creosote safety , Baidu input method .

   Some domestic and foreign software can not adapt , But there are alternatives , include :Acrobat
Software Manager ,360 High speed browser , Sogou browser ,UC browser , Cheetah browser , Application treasure .

   In addition, a lot of software is promoting adaptation , include : Jinshan drug bully , Flush with flowers , Iqiyi ,QQ music , Tencent Conference , Youku , Universal five strokes , Netease Youdao dictionary ,QQ
Five stroke input method , Beautiful pictures , Thunder video , ICBC online banking , Bank of China online banking security control , wait .

   Tongxin UOS Progress of desktop application adaptation ( Rank in no order ):

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