With Apple's autumn launch approaching , new iPhone The parameters are gradually known by the industry , It is reported that this year 9 Three new iPhone Continue to use Intel Baseband of , It won't support it 5G, The move is likely to be a major blow to apple, which is already weak in innovation ,iPhone Sales may fall further as a result .

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Apple's influence in the smartphone market is declining

Apple can remain a leader in the smartphone market for a long time , It has something to do with its creativity , But with the former founder and CEO The death of jobs , Apple's innovation has been declining , The industry worries that it may repeat itself 1980 The old road of gradual decline after jobs left in the S .

2011 After the death of jobs in , incumbent CEO Cook takes over , But cook led apple to the top , It doesn't seem to decline as quickly as the industry expected . Apple can continue its glory , And apple has long had a strong brand appeal , Of course, it has something to do with cook being more grounded , With cook's push, many of Apple's products come in more sizes , More styles of products , This has pushed Apple's performance to new heights .

Last year, however, Apple had a major setback ,2018 The fourth quarter of iPhone Year on year decline in shipment 11.5%, The first quarter of this year , The decline in the second quarter was 30%,11.5%, And the decline in the top five in the first place , In the global smartphone market ranking also fell from the long-standing second to third place , Everything shows that Apple's recession has arrived .

This result is of course related to Apple's own lack of innovation , In retrospect, Apple was always able to provide consumers with unique technology , Let Android mobile phone companies follow suit , However, in recent years, Android mobile phone companies continue to provide innovative technologies that lead the development of the smartphone industry , Such as wireless charging , Multi camera , Comprehensive screen and other innovative technologies emerge in endlessly , and iPhone Every year it's just size , Changes in appearance, etc , In terms of shooting technology, it has fallen behind Android mobile phone enterprises .

by comparison , Enterprising Android mobile phone enterprise , In particular, the influence of Chinese mobile phone enterprises on the global smartphone market is increasing , In particular, Huawei, the leader of China's mobile phone companies AI, Catch up with apple in shooting and other technical aspects , In the case of continuous improvement in innovation, Huawei has also made rich returns in the smartphone market . In recent two years , Huawei's mobile phone shipment continues to grow , From the second quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year, it has surpassed apple in four quarters , What makes Apple fear even more is that Huawei is constantly eroding the high-end mobile phone market, which has always been dominated by it , Huawei has gained nearly 20% market share in the high-end mobile phone market , Apple's share of the high-end smartphone market has continued to decline .

Mistakes 5G The first opportunity will lead to iPhone Further decline in shipment

The industry knows that the smartphone market has reached a bottleneck , Innovation is increasingly difficult , Smartphone shipments have fallen for two consecutive years , Market share gradually concentrated on the top five , Data from the second quarter of this year show that the top five have accounted for more than 70% of the global smartphone market , Small and medium-sized brands are gradually squeezed , The competition among the top five mobile phone companies is more intense .

Facing the increasingly fierce smartphone market , Many Android mobile phone companies are trying to get space for survival and development through innovation , The continuous growth of Huawei's smartphone shipment proves that continuous technological innovation can gain market returns , When innovation tends to be difficult , the moment 5G It has become the focus of competition for smart phone enterprises , To this end, many Android mobile phone companies have launched 5G mobile phone .

Timely launch 5G Mobile phones also help mobile phone companies gain support from operators , The industry knows that operators have a huge impact on the smartphone market ,2014 Since then, it is precisely because of China Mobile's push 4G It has changed the pattern of China's smartphone market ,OPPO and vivo stay 2013 Announced to stop R & D at the end of the year 3G mobile phone , Research and development 4G Mobile phones give them the support of China Mobile , And then into the top four domestic mobile phones .

Apple can win the first place in China's smartphone market , It is also inseparable from the support of operators .2014 China Mobile Commerce 4G after , Apple launched in the same year 4G edition iPhone Large orders from China Mobile , Driving it to the top of China's smartphone market share in the fourth quarter of this year , This is also its best performance in the Chinese smartphone market .

Now Apple doesn't keep up 5G The footstep of , Launch support 5G Of iPhone, It shows that Apple hasn't kept up with the times , stay 5G The present has become a trend , new iPhone Sales are likely to decline further , The apple recession will begin .


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