The deepest ocean in the world , China “ Striver ” coming .

  10 month 9 Daily News , According to CCTV news reports , just , China “ Striver ” Manned submersibles successfully landed in the Mariana Trench , Sitting depth 10909 rice .

   according to the understanding of , After sitting at the bottom , The three divers will do some sampling work on the seafloor , Time is expected to last 6 Hours .6 Hours, too “ Striver ” The longest design time of manned submersible No.1 on the seabed .

  2020 year 10 month 27 day , Chinese manned submersible “ Striver ” Number , Successful diving breakthrough in the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific Ocean 1 Ten thousand meters , achieve 10058
rice , China has set a new record for manned deep diving . today “ Striver ” It will once again challenge the deepest part of the world's oceans .

  2010 year 7 month , China's first manned submersible independently designed and integrated “ Jiaolong ” The depth of the dive has reached 3759 rice , China becomes the successor of the United States , method , Russia , In the future , The fifth master in the world
3500 The country of m-depth manned deep diving Technology .

  2012 year 6 month 27 day , This one 7000 The M-class manned submersible has completed its ultimate challenge , Finally, the records were kept in the 7062 rice .

   China “ Striver ” Manned submersible No.1 , The excellent pedigree of deep diving equipment , Not only security and stability are adopted , Powerful energy system , It also has more advanced control system and positioning system , And more pressure resistant manned capsule and buoyancy material .

   Mariana Trench (Mariana Trench), Also known as Mariana Trench . be located 11
°20′N,142°11.5′E, The northeast of the Philippines , The bottom of the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana Islands , From sulfur island in the North , Southwest to Yapu Island . It has Aleutian in the north , Thousand islands , Xiaoliyuan trench , There are new Britain and New Hebrides trench in the south , overall length
2550 Kilometer , Arc shaped , Average width 70 Kilometer . It is estimated that the trench has formed 6000 Ten thousand years .

   The deepest part of the trench 6~11 Kilometer , It's the deepest known ocean , The water pressure is high here , Completely dark , The temperature is low , Low oxygen content , And food resources are scarce , Therefore, it has become one of the worst environments on earth .

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