Still typing the code mechanically ? A lot of our developers are developing Spring When the program is finished , In many cases , They are passive and accept what our predecessors have done for us Spring
Feature case . Since then , It does reduce the cost of our development to a great extent , But it also lost an excellent learning opportunity , This limits our developers' ability to scale out .

Only know how to use it , I don't know what I did , Then you are destined to be a farmer .Spring The framework is almost half integrated Javaweb
The land of development , But you only know how to write , I don't know why , Don't know how to optimize .

Spring As a lightweight Java Development framework , The idea of interface oriented programming runs through the whole system Java System application , So in the Java
Often mentioned in interviews . In this paper, through the Spring Let's talk about some questions in the interview Spring Important knowledge points in the framework !

Spring Advanced interview topics

One ,Spring Related concepts sort out interview question set

Two , Application scenario interview question set

Three , Detailed explanation of interview question set based on the principle of bottom realization

Four ,Spring Boot Interview question set

Answers to interview questions

1. Talk about right Spring IoC Understanding of ?

IoC Inverse of Control The concept of reversal control . In the previous program, you need to manually create the object operation do , By Spring Framework , The creation of the object was reversed to
Spring frame . Yes The life cycle of an elephant is determined by Spring To manage , Directly from Spring Get an object there .

2. Talk about right Spring DI Understanding of ?

DI Dependency Injection Dependency injection .Spring Framework creation Bean Object time , dynamic To inject dependent objects into Bean
Component , Implement the injection of dependent objects .

3. BeanFactory Interface and ApplicationContext What are the differences in interfaces ?

1. ApplicationContext Interface inheritance BeanFactory Interface ,Spring Core factory yes
BeanFactory,BeanFactory Take delayed loading , for the first time getBean Time and talent Will initialize Bean,ApplicationContext
Yes, it is initialized when the configuration file is loaded Bean. 2. ApplicationContext That's right BeanFactory extend , It can be internationalized , Event delivery and
Bean Automatic assembly and various application layers Context realization . open hair in base book all stay send use ApplicationContext,Web term order send
use WebApplicationContext , Rarely used BeanFactory.

4. Please introduce what you are familiar with Spring Core class , And explain what it does ?

1. BeanFactory: Generate a new instance , Singleton mode can be implemented  2. BeanWrapper: Provide unified get and set method  3. 
ApplicationContext: Provides the implementation of the framework , include BeanFactory All features of .

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