“ The soul of the National People's Congress , College students are masters ”
When I saw this sentence, all of a sudden, the platforms were on fire , And began to emerge a number of attacks on specialist netizens .

One of the comments is still fresh in my memory : College students can do whatever they try to do , Just stop being a programmer , Don't hurt IT It's low-grade . After reading this comment, I couldn't help but feel the urge to type out this article . As a college graduate to become a programmer , I found out that people are full of malice towards being a programmer for junior college students , Many people say that college students can be programmers ? College students can enter large factories ? College background , do Java Do programmers really have no spring ?
I can't tell you what I'm saying .

But Xiaobian, I'm really a big factory with professional background , At present, we are doing more and more Java Post . We must also tell you that the journey to Dachang is extremely painful and long , Not to mention other skills or learning abilities , Just light “ junior college ” This is the height of education in the face of the mountain of education , It's killing everything .
Because of this, if you have a college degree and have a dream of a big factory , Once you have decided on your goal, you have to work a hundred times or more .
I'm sure a lot of people are curious about how I got into the big factory , I won't go into details , I'm through Java The blog found a familiar blogger and pushed it inside , After knowing each other, he may also be moved by the spirit that I want to enter the factory, ha ha ha .

Let's talk about the interview process today .( It's just a personal reality )


More than one side

First, introduce yourself
What projects have you participated in
Three elements of concurrent programming ?
What are the ways to achieve visibility ?
The value of multithreading ?
Comparison of three ways to create thread ?
Draw the state flow diagram of the thread
What are the common concurrency tool classes ?
CyclicBarrier and CountDownLatch The difference between
CAS The problem of :1,CAS Easy to cause ABA problem 2, The atomicity of code blocks cannot be guaranteed 3,CAS cause CPU Increased utilization
ReadWriteLock What is it?
Answer to one interview question :


Two sides of pinduoduo

introduce oneself to
What is the factory model ?
How to add or delete single linked list ?
Let me make sense JVM How many pieces are divided into ?
Because of the memory overflow mentioned , The interviewer asked me the difference between a memory overflow and a memory leak ?
I'm going to ask the database when I'm done here ,4 What are the big features , for instance ?
What is the isolation level of data , Take an example of each isolation level ?
What do distributed lock implementations know ?
Which lock do you prefer ?Redis What are the persistence operations for ?
How to use it redis Processing hot data
sleep Methods and wait What is the difference between the methods ?
synchronized and ReentrantLock The difference between
thread B How to know threads A The variable was modified
If you submit a task , The thread pool queue is full , What happens then
Construction method of thread class , Which thread is the static block called by
Answers to two-sided interview questions :


Three sides of pinduoduo

Self introduction and project introduction as usual ;
Let me tear up a singleton mode
Let me talk about what code means ?
As mentioned in my project JVM, So I got a scene question , Garbage collector , After the mark is cleared many times , Because of the use of mark clearing algorithm , So what do you think might happen ?
It's mentioned here full gc, Ask me , What will happen full GC, What happened minor GC?
Except for the memory overflow problem in your project , What else do you know about memory overflow and memory leak ?
And then gave me a dynamic programming handwritten code problem , Let's write a code .
Three way interview answer :


Pinduoduo HR Noodles

Let me introduce myself
Why do you choose pinduoduo ?
What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses
What do you think of overtime work in the company
What do your friends think of you
How do you usually study ?
Something that's hard to deal with ?
You feel like you've done something successful ?
Imagine your life in decades to come ?
The most painful time
Do you think the pace of work is acceptable ?
What do you want to ask ?


That's what I'm going to do for the interview Basically, I have a clear record .

Besides, I collected a lot of reading before the interview Java Blog God friends into the factory information , After asking for permission, I decided to send it out, hoping to help my brothers who have similar experience or want to enter the factory , Let's share it for free !

Byte skipping interview questions


Ali interview questions



Interview questions of meituan



Because of the limited space, they are not included in the article , Learning notes on the content of the article , Interview question set , Can be provided free of charge for everyone to learn .100% Free access : forward + Review articles , I can do it privately .



After the basic information is the blog God friends of the Qing Qing arranged to provide me with learning , In our communication, they never ridiculed that I was a college student and still dreamed of entering a large factory , They just think that everyone is learning computer and interested in the Internet , If you can help, study together .

No matter how many times you've seen it “ black ” College Students' message or comment , I just want to say to my friends who are college students who want to enter the factory , Never mind what others think , Just study hard , There is a lack of education, you need to use a hundred times to fill in . You can do it if you want .
last , There is nothing difficult in the world, but the old saying is always in use !

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