In the open source world , The typical representative of high performance service is Nginx and Redis. Look at the source code of these two softwares , They are very simple and efficient , They're all based on asynchronous networks I/O Mechanistic , So for programmers or enthusiasts who want to learn high-performance services , It is necessary to study the source code of these two network services .

Nginx There are many books on the market at present , however Redis Very few indeed . So I made up two copies for you Redis Learning documents , And from the directory , preface , primary coverage , These three parts explain this document , At the same time, big brother, I hope it can help you , I hope you'll like it !
It's no exaggeration to say that , Can you Redis Have a thorough understanding of all knowledge points , Your half foot has already stepped into the door of the company !

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Redis Deep Adventure


Redis 5 Design source code and analysis



Redis Deep Adventure

This article 《Redis Deep Adventure : Core principles and application practice 》, It is mainly divided into five parts , For application , Principles , Cluster , Expansion , Source code , So next , The small edition each carefully unfolds to explain the knowledge point of this book for everybody in detail !













Source code


Get this 《Redis Deep Adventure Core principles and application practice 》 file !!!

Redis 5 Design source code and analysis

The book is divided into three chapters , total 22 Chapter content

Chapter one : The first 1 Zhang gives a brief introduction Redis, as well as Redis
How to compile, install and read ; The first 2~8 Chapter focuses on the explanation SDS, Jump table , Pressure end list , Dictionaries , Set of integers ,quicklist and Stream Realization of data structure .


Chapter two
: The first 9 Chapter explains Redis Life cycle of , The process of command execution , Need to focus on reading ; The first 10~19 chapter , Explained the key separately , character string , Hash table , Linked list , aggregate , Ordered set ,GEO,HyperLog Implementation of data stream related commands .


Chapter three : The first 20~22 The chapter explains persistence briefly , Implementation of master slave replication and cluster , There is no detailed expansion , Hope to introduce readers


This can be obtained in the following ways 《Redis 5 Design and source code analysis 》 file !!!

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