We don't talk about chicken soup , It's about reality : For software engineers in the middle of their career , What is the status quo of the job ?

1. Why do you want to be a programmer ?

Because of my work , Many people ask me about the details of my daily life . Most of them are not satisfied with their professional status , And plan to learn reverse programming to become a programmer .

I said : Why do you want to be a programmer ?

The answers are different ,“ High salary ”,“ Easy job search ” and “ Career development ” Is the most common reason .

2. The status quo of becoming a programmer and the job market ?

Among other factors , We only talk about salary : Industry benchmark BAT The salary is as follows :

But for most people who decide to become programmers in the middle of their careers , It's hard to get the salary up there .

Most of them study in reverse , If it is self-study or online resource collection , Strengthen learning courses , There will be an embarrassing situation : There is no foundation , In practical work, the strength is insufficient , Learn new things slowly .

therefore , Those who choose training courses and make successful career changes account for a large proportion of the job market .

3. How to stand out from non elite schools ?

An interesting phenomenon : Some students attend the training class , Some are four-year undergraduate computer graduates . Why go to the training class ? Because in four years of college , They didn't learn the skills they needed .

contrary , Some students who are not majoring in computer science or come from famous universities also become excellent in the eyes of their colleagues . Here are two examples :

A: He was interested in computer and mathematics in junior high school , But he did poorly in the college entrance examination . therefore , He chose to major in mathematics at the University . He used his experience in mathematical modeling and worked with his classmates to create a website , Made him a programmer of China's Internet giants .

B: I majored in Business Administration in University . After graduation , I work as a salesman for a multinational software giant , Earn hundreds of thousands of RMB every year . Later I studied programming hard , It is completely self-taught through online courses . Through several influential individual projects , I successfully applied for a more promising position , It's also growing rapidly .

From the two examples above , I want to say that as long as you are interested in this subject or willing to study it , So it's not hard to be a high paid developer .

In the context of execution and formal training , You can use targeted personal projects , Accumulated practical experience , Build your foundation .

I want to say : Many things in life have thresholds , There is no absolute fairness , The meaning of our efforts is to give ourselves a chance .

Many people become my students for various reasons , I think we are all lucky , You are fortunate to be on the right path , I have the honor to meet you in my life .

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