What is? Spring cloud alibaba

Spring Cloud Alibaba It is a one-stop solution for micro service development provided by Alibaba , Is Alibaba open source middleware and Spring Cloud Integration of systems .

Miss Ma left double eleven , Right hand Alibaba open source components , It's not just the programmer's shopping cart , We should also seize our development tools .

This picture is Spring Cloud Alibaba Series components , It contains Alibaba open source components , Alibaba cloud commercial components , And integration Spring Cloud assembly .


How to learn Spring Cloud Alibaba



However, there are few complete learning notes on the market , In this special arrangement for a long time of learning ideas map original and Spring Cloud Alibaba Learning manual notes to share with friends !
Because of the space , This article only shows the table of contents and content screenshots ,

Spring Cloud Alibaba Notes on study manual

All technical components involved in this note are “ scene → demand → Solution → application → principle ” Efficient technology learning model is designed , So that you know what it is and why it is .
stay “ principle ” part , The author uses a large number of source code and graphics to analyze , Help readers to achieve the goal of deep learning and understanding of technical components !


Contents of basic chapters

Microservice architecture model is based on SOA Evolution of architecture patterns ,
than SOA More refined architecture model , Let professional people do professional things ( absorbed ), The aim is to improve efficiency , Each service does not affect each other , Each service in microservice architecture must be deployed independently , No influence on each other , Microservice architecture model reflects lightness , Lightweight , It is suitable for the development mode of Internet companies .
This part focuses on the analysis and explanation , The contents are as follows :


Basic content display


Micro service environment construction


Content display


Service management —Nacos

Nacos Dedicated to helping you discover , Configure and manage microservices .Nacos Provides a set of easy-to-use feature sets , Help you realize dynamic service discovery quickly , Service configuration , Service metadata and traffic management .
This section provides an in-depth understanding of the use of analysis Nacos And the bottom layer !


Content display of service governance


Service fault tolerance —Sentinel

Sentinel It is a lightweight traffic control framework for distributed service framework , Mainly take the flow as the breakthrough point , From flow control , Fuse degradation , System load protection and other dimensions to maintain the stability of the system . This part mainly explains
Sentinel, The main contents are as follows :


Content display of service fault tolerance


Service gateway —Gateway

Microservice gateway is the whole microservice API Requested entry , Filtering can be realized Api Interface . effect :
It can realize the user's authentication login , Cross domain resolution , Log blocking , Authority control , Current limit , Fusing , load balancing , Blacklist and white name single machine system, etc . This part focuses on the analysis Gateway, The main contents are as follows :


Service gateway


Link tracking —Sleuth

Spring Cloud Sleuth It provides a complete solution of service tracking , In the distributed system, link tracking solution is provided and compatible zipkin.
This part mainly analyzes sleuth, The contents are as follows :


Link tracking content display


Message driven —RocketMQ


Message driven content display


SMS service —SMS

SMS service (Short Message Service) It is a communication service capability provided by alicloud for users .

* Product advantages : Comprehensive coverage , High concurrency processing , Message stack processing , Simple development and management , Intelligent monitoring and scheduling
* Product function : SMS notification , SMS verification code , Promotion of SMS , Asynchronous notification , data statistics
* Application scenarios : SMS verification code , System information push , Promotion of SMS, etc


Content display


Service configuration —Nacos Config



Distributed transaction —Seata

Seata Is designed to be non intrusive to the business , Therefore, there is no invasion from the business 2PC Plan to start , In tradition 2PC On the basis of . It regards a distributed transaction as a global transaction including several branch transactions . The responsibility of a global transaction is to coordinate the branch transactions under its jurisdiction to reach an agreement , Either submit it successfully together , Or both failed and rolled back . in addition , Usually, the branch transaction itself is a local transaction of a relational database .
This is partly based on Seata The distributed transaction solution based on , The content involved will also be more detailed .



first , We need to know Spring Cloud Alibaba stay Spring Cloud Status in the family , It's a suite , And Netflix
OSS equally , Covers a lot of practical components , There are also many overlapping contents .

secondly , We need to know Netflix OSS Under the background of many important components announced to stop the development of new functions , and Spring Cloud
Alibaba It's a freshman project , It is in high speed iteration . For the future , I believe everyone will choose .


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