Today, I'd like to share with you the interview process of a big guy from Jingdong , Three years working in a traditional enterprise , Diachronic 2 Months , Finally, I jumped to Jingdong , Get the factory offer The story of . Learning notes at the end of the article !

Jingdong side

1. What thread pools have been used , What parameters does thread pool have , Then ask me about some common thread pool usage and actual scenarios topic .

2. Knowledge of set framework ,hashmap,ArrayList,LinkedList Knowledge of source code , It's basically the whole introduction
Again , And hastable,concurrenthashmap Mutual connection and difference

3. Talking about garbage collectors ,cms What are the processes of the reclaimer , Pause a few times , Will memory fragmentation occur . old What's wrong with memory fragmentation in the S .

4. Talking about quick sorting , Analyze the time complexity ?

5. Let's introduce the parent delegation model Medium synchronization ,volatile keyword

7.jvm Memory partition , Why there are new and old generations

8. There is one VM Memory optimization ?

9. What is the difference between a database index primary key and a unique index

10. The difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes ?

11.MySQL Storage engine innoDB and MylSAM The difference between ?

12. innoDB Of B+ Tree index leaf node Data What does the domain store ?MylSAM Of B+ Tree index leaf node Dot Data Is the domain storing the primary key or physical address ?


Two sides of Jingdong

1.MySQL innodb Of b+ Tree index , primary key , What's the difference between clustered indexes .

2. Four characteristics of database

3. Four isolation levels of transactions

4.jvm Scene problem , Memory fragmentation occurs in the old age after the mark is cleared many times , cause full gc, It could happen next What's the problem? .

5.MySQL What locks are there , Row lock table lock , What about the optimistic lock

6.MySQL How did the deadlock happen , Two examples are given .

7.dubbo Inside zookeeper What does it do

8.aio,nio,bio Understanding of ,NIO What are the core concepts of ?

9. frequently-used NIO What are the frameworks ? swot


Three sides of Jingdong ( Director )

1. Distributed redis How to ensure thread safety

2.redis Ways and differences of persistence

3.zookeeper How to implement distributed lock , How to implement other distributed locks 4.kafka Architecture of , How to use it kafka Ensure the order of the message

5. What does database optimization include ?MySQL Optimization of , Two examples of your optimization .

6. The most technically difficult project , Introduce the related core design process .

7. at work , Encountered technical bottleneck, unable to solve , Your solution ?

8. What is your career plan for the future ?




Big guy's success is not achieved overnight , It's hard work behind them , I learned from the chat later , Learning alone costs more than others !

Finally, I will share the interview information with you for free , I hope it will help you

It's said that the fans of one button three times have successfully interviewed ? Also wish all readers can harvest their favorite offer!

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