Car owner carefree is an important product of Guangzhou Xiaomai Network Technology Co. Ltd . Xiaomai network is a family with one , Mobile Internet companies with car owners in second tier cities as target users , The construction of tandem with the owner O2O platform , Reduce the cost of car ownership , Improve the quality of car owners . At present, the number of car owners has exceeded 100 million , Consulting in airy
App Hot spot index “ Car care ” No.1 in the field .

Open Source Kafka The pain point of

At the beginning , Car owners worry free to adopt open source Kafka , But in practice , Open Source Kafka More and more obvious short board . At the level of capacity elasticity : Open Source Kafka stay Partition
More than 1000 There is obvious shaking after , Cluster expansion hour level , Business perception . In terms of storage overhead : Open Source Kafka
Multi copy storage , High storage pressure , And it will stop running when the disk is full , There is no guarantee and expansion mechanism , Additional manual alarm processing is required . In terms of performance :
When processing cold data reading, the processing speed decreases obviously , Data writing has a certain probability of failure ; Pull G Level data ,Full GC High frequency appears .

For open source Kafka And alicloud message queue Kafaka After comparison , The owner decides to use the optimized message queue of Alibaba cloud Business Edition Kafka
, Its advantage is out of the box , Fully compatible with open source seamless migration features , Combining best practices 《 Migrating message queues Online Kafka》 Guidance for , Completed the migration independently and efficiently .

Professional operation and maintenance by alicloud team , utilize Kafka Automatic internal inspection function of , ensure Broker And dependent components Zookeeper Health and stability .

White screen management of operation and maintenance , It can help users to carry out rapid minute level expansion .

It provides effective fault management .

With the help of the commercial version of the monitoring and alarm capabilities , Master the availability of hardware resources and services in real time , Guide car owners to optimize the application of worry free .

By migrating to a commercial version of
Kafka, The system stability of car owners' worry free has been greatly improved , No loss of message , The jitter of production and consumption side is obviously improved , The whole message cluster runs smoothly , Effectively support the rapid development of business .

Efficiency improvement :Kafka Provides a white screen management mode , Based on the console provided by alicloud , Car owners can easily and quickly expand the instance , Yes Topic Management , And expansion
Partition. Accumulation is also provided , Message query and other real-time monitoring functions , The alarm rules of various resources can be set , Used to locate problems quickly , Improve diagnostic efficiency , Guidance optimization system .

cost control : It saves a lot of operation and maintenance labor costs , Liberated the productive forces , general comparison , It's more cost-effective to use the commercial version .

Live announcement

In order to better understand Alibaba cloud message queue
Kafka, Alibaba cloud specially planned it “ Practical course of Internet architecture upgrading ”, Every week, an alicloud solution architect explains the actual combat experience in the form of a live course , And answer questions in the group .

Live topics :

Alicloud message queue Kafka Practical experience sharing

Trainer Introduction :

Lu Xuan , Alicloud intelligent solution architect , Experienced the development and maintenance of large-scale distributed system , And in cloud computing , Cloud native and other fields have many years of experience . Selection of system architecture , Troubleshooting , Performance tuning has rich practical experience . It is committed to helping customers in various industries realize business value through the transformation of cloud native architecture .

Live time :

2020/11/10( Tuesday ) 15:00

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Message queuing Kafka The version is distributed provided by alicloud , High throughput , Scalable Message Queuing service . Message queuing Kafka
Version 2 is widely used for log collection , Monitoring data aggregation , Streaming data processing , Big data fields such as online and offline analysis , It has become an indispensable part of big data ecology . This live broadcast will share the message queue for you Kafka
Practical experience .

Outline of issues :

1. Alicloud message queue Kafka The advantages of
2. How to migrate to alicloud Kafka, What are the precautions and coping strategies ?
3. Principle and practice of client
4. Typical application scenarios and case experience sharing

Viewing mode :

【 Join the nail group to watch 】 Alicloud has been established “ Practical course of Internet architecture upgrading ” Nail group , Invite an alicloud expert to broadcast industry best practice live in the group every week , Share the industry's leading dry goods every day , Welcome to nail scan code or nail search group number to join :35712134.

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