9 month 9 day ,2020 The list of winners of the green orange award of Alibaba Dharma Academy , Including Zhiyuan young scientist Du Zidong , Huang Gao 10 Scientists on the list , They will get the total 1000 Ten thousand yuan bonus .


Evaluated as a young scientist of Zhiyuan , Du Zidong, an associate researcher at the Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wrote the reasons for the award ,“ His architecture deep learning processor , It can deal with extensive deep learning algorithm efficiently ”.


Zhiyuan young scientist , Huang Gao, assistant professor of Tsinghua University, won the prize for :“ Invented a new neural network architecture , It promotes the basic research and technology application of deep learning ”.

Du Zidong

Zhiyuan young scientist

Associate researcher, Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Master Tutor

The main research direction is computer architecture , A series of pioneering work has been done in the direction of deep learning processor , It is followed by a large number of top universities and research institutions in Europe and America . He published many articles CCF A
Conference or journal papers , Once obtained CCF A Class meeting ASPLOS’14
Best Paper Award ( The first time in Asia ). He has won the special award of the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( The highest academic honor of graduate students of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Every year, only 10000 graduates are selected 40
Remainder ), Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences , China Computer Society CCF Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award and other awards ; Selected by the youth Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Science and technology star . He served many times CCF
A Class meetings and journals PC,ERC And reviewers , include ASPLOS 2019,MICRO2019 Of PC.

Huang Gao

Zhiyuan young scientist

Assistant Professor, Department of automation, Tsinghua University , Doctoral supervisor

Huang Gao's main research field is the structure design and optimization algorithm of deep neural network , And the application of deep learning in computer vision . His doctoral dissertation was selected as the first prize of Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of China Association of automation and Tsinghua University . Currently in NIPS,ICML,CVPR And other top international conferences and IEEE Several journals published academic papers in total 50 The rest , Cited 16000 The remaining times . He has won 100 most influential academic papers in China , International Conference on computer vision CVPR Best Paper Award , World AI innovation competition SAIL Pioneer Award and Wu Wenjun artificial intelligence natural science first prize and other awards and honors .

before , Chen Xiaoming, a young scientist of Zhiyuan , Tang pingzhong , Yu Chun , Zhu Zhanxing 2018 year ,2019 Won the green orange award in .

The green orange award is in 2018 Public welfare evaluation launched in , face 35 Chinese Young Scholars under the age of , Discover and support the people who play a key role in promoting the progress of science and technology . Except for the bonus , The winners will also receive open data provided by Ali , Application scenarios and other comprehensive scientific research support .


Green orange award selection based on scientific and technological innovation ,  Integration of industry, University and research and humanistic perspective , Mainly for basic software , cloud computing , big data , Machine intelligence , Internet of things , Quantum computing is the representative field of information technology , With chip , display technique , The field of semiconductor materials represented by intelligent sensors and robots , High grade CNC machine tools , Intelligent detection and assembly , Intelligent logistics and warehousing , Intelligent manufacturing field represented by automatic driving .


this year “ Hard core 10 people ” It has a vast hinterland of scientific research , Existing chip , visual basic , artificial intelligence , Applied science of materials and devices , There is also basic mathematics , There are also interdisciplinary subjects such as medical big data .

attach : List of other green orange winners and reasons for winning

Jiang Yu ( Tsinghua University )
He uses model driven development and testing technology , The software design and vulnerability analysis platform of industrial control system can be controlled independently and the efficiency can be improved .

Deng Yue ( Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics )
He integrated intelligent sensing technology with brain science , Research on inspiring a new generation of artificial intelligence .

Liang Wenhua ( National Respiratory Medical Center )
In addition to curing diseases and saving people , He uses big data to analyze , Solve the problem of lung cancer and new crown .

Nie Liqiang ( Shandong University )
Multi modal scene perception for dialogue robot , Ability to understand and reason , So as to make human-computer interaction more natural .

Leng Jingwen ( Shanghai Jiaotong University )
Through deep learning model algorithm and system structure joint optimization , Make intelligent heterogeneous computing system more efficient , More reliable .

Yang Shiwu ( Peking University )
He developed the vector field method for studying wave equations , The old conjecture of asymptotic decay of charged particles is partly solved .

Zhao Baodan ( Zhejiang University )
She explored the mechanism of energy loss in perovskite materials , A new type of optoelectronic device with higher efficiency and environmental protection is realized .

He Nan Nan ( University of science and technology of China )
He focuses on personalized recommendation , Accurate strategy for information overload .

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