<> One , Practical project

In the process of developing the project , Can consolidate the foundation , Find your own shortcomings , Yes get To new knowledge points . Take a simple example : If you don't have a teacher or someone else to tell you , You may never have heard of anything “ regular expression ”, What's this for , You can only write a lot of code if
else To determine whether the parameters are legal , The code will look bloated .

<> Two , repair bug

Here's restoration bug It's not debugging to fix your own code bug, It's about helping students or other people solve problems . I was in my class when I was studying computer No1, All day long “ Okami
Okami ” The cry of , It's not because I'm gifted better than others , It's not how good my English is , I only have a high school degree , English is still the worst course . I'm just more diligent than others , Spend more time studying than others , I will instruct other students to do my homework every day , Help them debug , Solving problems .

Let me be more practical , I was first exposed PHP It's about helping people fix it bug start , At that time, my company PHP I haven't learned the basics , With my tripod html The technology was studied for days , I've solved it , I still have a sense of accomplishment .

<> Three , Forum Q & A

This is one of the methods that I recently discovered , There are many people on the forum who will post for help , You can try to help others solve problems , At the same time , Don't you have it yourself , It's also a way of accumulating experience . Don't think you compare your skills , unable to solve , That's a big mistake ,“ There must be a teacher for three people ”, You have to believe that you can be stronger without money . You can refer to other people's code Baidu , Put forward some of their own ideas , Even if you can't solve it in the end , But the forum is about technology , Other people's problem-solving ideas may bring you a new vision , It also helps your level , You can also gain a lot of experience . Don't waste your time eating chicken , In the glory of the king , Study more if you have time , Add more colors to your future .

<> Four , Self breakthrough

Why do you say that , When your technology accumulation reaches a certain bottleneck , You need to break through yourself , Try something you didn't approve of before .

For example , I used to think about the framework , There's no need for these plugins to write their own , Just use the ready-made frameworks and plug-ins written by others . And then I found out , Other people's things are not easy to use , So I started to package it myself .“ Don't move, don't know , I was scared ”, There were so many doors in the original frame , Another wave of knowledge !

also , I used to think that the source code of the project should be kept in my computer , There's no need to get it github Above the library , But I've seen a lot of other big guys' experiences recently , I found myself really wrong , It's really necessary . Think about it , In my old stolen mainframe , A lot of projects developed in the school have been preserved , And some accumulation , After losing the main engine , There's nothing left .

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