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Job change Java Have engineers ever been tortured by the technology of big factories ? That's because you don't know the interview routine of big factories .Java The underlying implementation of is often asked , that is Java
Source code . If you can't chew it down , It's very likely that we'll miss the big factory . A lot of people think it's not important to read the source code , But if there is a pursuit , You want to enter the big factory ,
Reading the source code can really help you pass a technical interview , Find a better job .

The first 1 chapter Basics

* 01 Opening remarks : Why study this column
* 02 String ,Long Source code analysis and interview questions
* 03 Java Understanding of common keywords
* 04 Arrays,Collections ,Objects Common methods source code analysis


The first 2 chapter aggregate

* 05 ArrayList Source code analysis and design ideas
* 06 LinkedList Source code analysis
* 07 List What questions will the source code ask
* 08 HasMap Source code analysis
* 09 [x]TreeMap and LinkedHashMap Core source code analysis
* 10 Map Which aspects will the source code ask i test questions
* 11 [X]HashSet ,TreeSet Source code analysis
* 12 Highlight details : See the collection of source code for our practical work and application
* 13 Comparison of differences : Gather in Java 7 and 8 What is not the direction and improvement
* 14 Simplify the work :Guava Lists Maps Practical application and source code


The first 3 chapter Concurrent collection class

* 15 Copy0nWriteArrayList Source code analysis and design ideas
* 16 CongurrentHashMap Source code analysis and design ideas
* 17 [*] Concurrent List ,Map Source code interview questions
* 18 Scene collection : Concurrent ,List ,Map Application scenarios of


The first 4 chapter queue

* 19 LinkedBlockingQueue Source code analysis
* 20 SynchronousQueue Source code analysis
* 21 DelayQueue Source code analysis
* 22 ArrayBlockingQueue Source code analysis
* 23 The source side of the queue j test questions
* 24 infer other things from one fact : Queue in Java Application in other source code
* 25 Overall design : Queue design idea , Use scenarios at work
* 26 Exclamation face i officials appointed on a probational basis : From deep handwriting queue


The first 5 chapter thread

* 27 Thread Source code analysis
* 28 Future , ExecutorService Source code analysis
* 29 Interview questions of thread source code


The first 6 chapter lock

* 30 AbstractQueuedSynchroni zer Source code analysis 《 upper )
* 31 AbstractQueuedSynchroni zer Source code analysis ( lower )
* 32 Reentr antLock Source code analysis
* 33 countDownLatch . At omic And other source code analysis
* 34 Just ask : A series of interlocking questions
* 35 summarize experience : Scenarios and details of lock usage in work
* 36 take it leisurely and unoppressively : Design structure and details of rewriting lock


The first 7 chapter Thread pool

* 37 ThreadPoolExecutor Source code analysis
* 38 Thread pool source side j test questions
* 39 summarize experience : Different scenarios , How to use thread pool
* 40 Touching face i officials appointed on a probational basis : Application of thread pool in process arrangement


The first 8 chapter Lambda flow

* 41 Break through the difficulties : How to see it Lambda Source code
* 42 frequently-used Lambda Analysis and application of expression usage scenarios


The first 9 chapter other

* 43 ThreadLocal Source code analysis
* 44 Scene combat :ThreadLocal Practice in context transfer scenario
* 45 Socket Source code and surface i test questions
* 46 ServerSocket Source code and surface j test questions
* 47 Practical work :Socket Combined with the use of thread pool


The first 10 chapter Column summary

* 46 — I've seen it Java Source code and interview questions


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