Part one : Basic application development

(1~5 chapter ) Targeted introduction Springboot introduction , Database usage and access performance improvement , Interface design, safety design and other important technical knowledge , Practical as the group , It aims to help readers master it quickly Springboot Development and essence , Integrate into production practice as soon as possible .

Chapter one Springboot introduction

Chapter two stay Springboot Using database in

Chapter three Springboot Interface design

Chapter four Improve database access performance

Chapter five Springboot safety design

Part two : Distributed application development

(6~9 chapter ) How to use it is explained with the actual case in the production environment Springboot Developing distributed and Cloud Applications , And how to build a highly available service platform , Highly practical .

Chapter six Springboot SSO

Chapter 7 Using distributed file systems

Chapter 8 Cloud Application Development

Chapter 9 Building high performance service platform

Part three : Core technology source code analysis

(10~12 chapter ) This paper focuses on the analysis of the source code Springboot Programmer load , Automatic configuration , data management ,SpringCloud Configuration management of , Implementation principle of core functions such as discovery service and load balance management , It aims to help readers understand it more deeply Springboot development , Master the essence .

Chapter 10 Springboot Principle of automatic configuration

Chapter 11 Springboot Principle of data access

Chapter 12 Implementation principle of microservice core technology

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