Watching documentary before 《 I'm building cultural relics in the Forbidden City 》 Time , Shichao can not help but marvel at the brilliance of the damaged cultural relics after being restored .

   But recently, Shichao found that , Not all the restoration of cultural relics is like that filmed in the documentary .

   Some cultural relics have been restored , It's funny .

   The cause was a piece of news a while ago .

   A bank building in Spain has a creation on the outside 1923 The works of , A smiling woman is sitting in a group of animals .

   Beauty is beautiful , But as time goes by , She had some damage to her head .

   It's broken , Of course, it needs to be repaired .

   So this woman's smile was restored , From realism to abstraction .

   Professional restorers and conservation organizations ACRE express , The restoration work is not done by professionals , Who is it , Not sure yet .

   And netizens have been attracted by this work , Some people think this is understanding Wang .

   Someone recalled a similar tragedy , such as C Luo's story .

   Some people have played this strange restoration as a stumbling block , Joking , Put the two pictures together , That's me in January VS Who I am now .

   actually , To see the restoration of cultural relics in Spain , Shichao is not surprised , After all, it's been played several times in Spain .

   When the Spanish decided to help renovate the local religious statues , 15 The statue of the Virgin Mary in the 20th century will also cry .

   In an instant, from simple and steady into a festive red and purple .

   this year 6 month , A Spanish art collector spent 1200  euro , A furniture restorer was hired to repair one of his collections 《 Immaculate virgin 》.

   however , It's such a clean face , After the restoration by the painter , Became a stubborn girl .

   Out of a reluctant attitude , They corrected the picture again , therefore , That's how it turned out ↓↓

   A hundred year old portrait of Jesus has not escaped .

  2012 Spanish Borja One in a small town 81 The old lady was out of kindness , I made it by myself , It's just because of the technology  “  an error  ” , It's restored  “  Monkey Christ  ” .

   But what's even more unexpected is that , Many people came to see this painting  “  Monkey Christ  ” , That's why there are more tourists in the town .

   Some of the business minded people in the small town also  “  Monkey Christ  ”  Developed shirts , Mobile phone case , The painting is still protected .

   Similar things happen not only in Spain .

   The Catholic Church in Canada was vandalized , And the little Jesus had his head cut off , Local artists later restored the statue for free .

   Our rock Buddha statue in Zizhong , It began in the Southern Song Dynasty , One Buddha and one disciple , It's about Sakyamuni and Kaya .

   But after being made up , Two Buddhas in an instant , It looks like curry .

   And then a second repair , It's better than the first time , But compare it to the original , Or is it full of question marks .

   of course , These are all examples of errors , Most of them are ordinary people who lack knowledge of cultural relics , The result of weak protection consciousness .

   The restoration of authentic cultural relics is not such an operation , It was repaired by professionals , Through layer by layer process , The research has only been gradually repaired .

   Let's start with something we all know : Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses Figurines  ~ 

   It looks like this ↓↓

   A bad friend who has been to the terracotta warriors and horses of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty may say that , This is different from what I saw , What did the car look like .

   Because the picture above is just unearthed .

   After they were unearthed , It needs to be cleaned , Perfect bonding , Reinforcement and a series of restoration projects have become what they are now .

   Take a chestnut , Adhesive is needed to reinforce the damaged terra cotta warriors , Hardeners and plasticizers .

   In order to find the appropriate proportion of the agent , Several parameters were tested by the repairman , For the trial bonded red brick , After the destructive test of grey tile, etc , It was decided .

   Some pieces of pottery have been damaged and their texture is fragile , For better reinforcement , The restorers are specially in the pottery figurines , The inner wall of Tao Ma's abdominal cavity was covered with layers  “  FRP  ” , It will not affect the appearance and complete the reinforcement at the same time .

   The next one , The restoration of Li Jian's crown decoration in Tang Dynasty is also worth mentioning .

   When excavating Li Huan's tomb , Archaeologists have found a complex crown , Due to the complexity of the site, it is inconvenient to clean up , It is directly made into gypsum bag and moved into the room to carry out the work .

   At first it was like this ▼

   In progress X Optical flaw detection , After the preparation of cleaning tools, instruments and equipment , To open the plaster bag , Finally, through layer by layer cleaning , record , Protection and other processes , Assembly and restoration .

   It sounds very light , But the whole repair process is also very complicated and meticulous .

   For example, in the cleaning process , May confuse the trim , So we need to record the original information , Photograph each layer , Drawing and writing .

   Laser drawing is used for drawing , While drawing the outline , Accessories of different materials need to be marked with different colors , In order to distinguish when recovering .

   The world super will not be launched , Curious friends can check .

   Restored Li Tiao ▼

   Want to know from  “  Big clod  ”  How long does it take to recover ?

  —— It took two years .

   Although there have been, and still are, all kinds of sand sculpture restoration .

   But with the gradual improvement of national protection measures , And the efforts of countless professional restoration personnel , Now more and more cultural relics have been properly protected .

   These are the witnesses of history , With the efforts of everyone , The culture will continue for thousands of years . Let future generations feel their charm .

   I hope there will be fewer and fewer sand sculptures in the future .

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