Moving house is a very troublesome thing , stay 「 Break away 」 After trying to throw away a lot of things , A lot of things end up buying them back .

   It could be an ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner , A light bulb , A table top hot water dispenser , A cup brush , A bottle of Sleep Essential Oil , a pair of slippers …… Orders are piling up one by one .

   Fortunately, when you throw, you will face many choices that are difficult to make up your mind , But when you buy these products , Now there are better e-commerce platforms to explore one by one .

   The more 「 Novel and cool 」 And 「 Sense of quality 」 The good things of life , The easier it is to see in Xiaomi .

   Xiaomi Yupin , Live broadcast with goods selection base camp

If you find a lot of surprises in today's live broadcast , New and unique products , Most of them are brought by millet products .

  10 month 31
On the evening of June , Former New Oriental teacher , Founder of Niubo , Siemens destroyer , Non famous cross talk artist , Founder of hammer technology , Luo Yonghao, anchor of live broadcast with goods , Opened the special live delivery of Xiaomi Youpin .

   The total transaction amount of this live broadcast :2848 ten thousand .

   We all know Luo Yonghao , In science and technology 「 Craftsman 」 That's what he brought up , Not to mention how much the hammer phone sold , To the point of being critical of details , How to stick to white , How to talk about the design theory of symmetry and balance , Perhaps he was the first founder of a mobile phone company to emphasize this on social platforms .

   this year 3 month 31 day , Luo Yonghao, who has faded out of the science and technology circle for a period of time, returns to the public view , Luo Yonghao, standing in the spotlight again, has a new identity —— Live broadcast with goods host .

   People's curiosity about Luo Yonghao is not only about how he sells things , It's also about what to sell , On the strategy of product selection , Luo Yonghao has announced it early :

* Digital technology products with innovative characteristics
* Excellent cultural and creative products
* books
* Household groceries with a sense of design and practicality
* Some high cost-effective snacks and snacks in the middle

   Click in to see many familiar products . The first product of live delivery is Xiaomi Juneng pen , There's millet in the back 10, Stone sweeper robot T7, Mijia inflatable treasure ……

   In a trance, people think that Luo Yonghao presided over a millet new product conference , But there is a fact , High frequency of millet ecological chain products , It is rare in other products , Xiaomi Youpin is almost Luo Yonghao's selection base camp .

   Luo Yonghao's words :「 I want to talk to my friends in the studio , To Xiaomi Youpin , Nice to talk to you, Rogo !」

   A young e-commerce platform , How to win the favor of consumers

   Xiaomi has won the trust of Luo Yonghao , There is also consumer trust .

  2019 year ,⼩ First half of the year GMV achieve 38 Billion , annual GMV Breach 100 Billion . What's surprising is that , among 65% Users from non Xiaomi mobile phone users .

   And Xiaomi Youpin established only 3 More than years ,2017 year 4 month ,「⽶ Home mall 」 Only from the rice family App China independence ⽴, And in the 2018 year 5 Month renamed as 「⼩ Miyoupin 」.

   Xiaomi has a product responsible person has said 「 The birth of quality is essentially our thinking , What has Xiaomi been doing for so many years , Can millet mode affect more people .」

   And a young e-commerce platform , How to win the favor of consumers ?

   Lu Ji in Jin Dynasty 《 Wen Fu 》 Used 「 Or because of the branches to vibrate the leaves , Or seek the source along the wave 」 From this to the Lord , Exploring the truth of the source , In the long run , In terms of products .

   Xiaomi summed it up by herself 「 Four high 」:

* superior quality
* High-tech
* good-looking
* High cost performance

   Xiaomi Youpin tells aifan'er , High quality doesn't mean full marks , But to surpass similar products on the market , Can be recognized by most people . High tech is not limited to 「 science and technology 」 itself , But from the material , science and technology , Design and other directions to seek breakthroughs , For example, selling underpants can add antibacterial and breathable technology , Even toilet paper , Xiaomi Youpin will also choose the paper with environmental protection spirit . Finally, it was Lei Jun's words ,「 Adhere to do, move people's hearts , Good products with good price 」.

   Under the guidance of returning to Xiaomi's values , Xiaomi Youpin, a boutique e-commerce company, still has to put the price on 「 It's delicious 」 Take advantage again .

   In fact, Xiaomi has a product in this year's double 11
The theme is 「 It's delicious 」, It can be seen from the product itself 「 It's delicious 」, It can also be seen in terms of price 「 It's delicious 」. In the words of Luo Yonghao 「 It's dark everywhere , The price is not black !」

   The effect of this strategy is obvious , It has pulled out a higher platform for Youpin than other e-commerce platforms in all aspects 「 pass line 」, Therefore, it has gained more trust from consumers .

   Beyond fostering trust , Eye catching is also a way to attract users , Millet has a good practice is to create many 「 Novel and cool 」 Product crowdfunding .

   Electric bed , Mosquito antipruritic stick , Intelligent heating down jacket , Mini fascia gun , Walking shoes , Cat litter Basin …… Can be seen in Youpin crowdfunding .

   This gives Youpin an attractive charm , Every once in a while people can't help but go in and have a look , What's new and interesting in crowdfunding , Over time , Youpin has launched 512 stage , near 300
Ten thousand people participated , The total amount reached 13 Billion .

   More people began to use Xiaomi Youpin , It also means greater pressure on product selection and quality control .

   Good selection requirements are the biggest dependence of Xiaomi Yupin development

   Offline stores have become the biggest products of technology companies , Carrying the invisible communication needs between the community and people , New vitality of community , Even the economic and cultural changes of the city .

   It is also a window to express technology and art to cities and consumers .

  「 Metaphysics is the way , It's called an instrument if it's in shape 」, Offline store and design , concept , When art and other thinking interweave , The online e-commerce platform focuses on the actual products , What do you sell , How to sell it , To whom , Is the most considered problem .

   But before the selection , The first thing to remove is 「 Xiaomi Yupin = Millet ecological chain = Xiaomi self support 」 Such a misunderstanding . Before millet has the product person in charge in an interview with Tencent also mentioned :

  「 Is everything in Xiaomi's products Xiaomi's ? This kind of cognition of users is actually very troublesome for us . We don't want users to think that all products with good quality are millet products . for instance , We don't want a pair of underpants on sale , Users say millet sells underwear , This is very strange .」

   The more strict control over the selection , Deeper involvement , Millet products will be bound to excellent suppliers more tightly , As a result, millet products will gradually form an ecological proportion , With the accumulation of commodity quantity , It will make this barrier higher and higher .

   Xiaomi has a product in charge of the previous interview also said :「 It's easy to copy a good product , But it's hard to make 10000 products with good quality 」.

   Return to Xiaomi from MI's family , The strategy of endorsing the main brand has not hindered the development of Xiaomi Youpin , In fact, the proportion of third-party products is close 80%, Self owned products and eco chain products add up to nothing 20%
many , This is still in the case of millet limiting the number of products on the shelves of the same category .

   Xiaomi Youpin has even attracted hot brands that are not worried about sales , Like Dyson vacuum cleaners and curling sticks . But in fact, the products under these head brands are more important , Millet products will not be on the shelves many of the same type of goods , Although the choice is limited, it can reduce the difficulty of consumers' decision-making , But be more responsible for the products you can choose .

   In the treatment of these products , Xiaomi Youpin tells aifan'er , They will play the role of discovering demand , Define the role of the product . Further cooperation with manufacturers , Using Xiaomi's industrial design team to radiation design , Quality control by selection team .

   In fact, the starting point of Xiaomi Youpin is to use millet mode to make a variety of consumer goods , Hope to use Millet's model to extend to all aspects of life .

   From Xiaomi's own products to Xiaomi's ecological chain and then to Xiaomi's high-quality E-commerce , It's like animation 《 the attacking J517Titan 》 The triple wall in a trap , The barriers they form form form a stable ecosystem of millet .

   In actual use , In fact, I think these products are very similar from the design to the actual experience of a home , And maybe that feeling , Is what Xiaomi Youpin hopes to achieve .

   But this is only the first step , The next goal of Xiaomi Youpin is to eliminate the fittest with the product layer by layer , The remaining products will be high-quality products that can stand the test of the market , At that time, consumers won't care who makes the product , It's good to recognize that millet has good quality .

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