Three sides, about 90 minutes , The questions are comprehensive , It needs to be well prepared , Except for the concept, I'm a little confused ( Sobbing ~). After I came back, I classified these questions and sorted out the answers ( Obsessive compulsive disorder ~ Crazy supplement knowledge ~) Divided into spring,jvm,mybatis, Concurrent programming, etc , Next, I'd like to share my interview with ALI + Some of my study notes .


Pay attention : It needs a little editing spring,jvm,mybatis, Concurrent programming, etc , Interview answers , Learning notes , Mind map (xmind)

Ali about spring Interview questions :

* Please explain spring In the framework Ioc?
* BeanFactory and ApplicationContext What's the difference? ?
* spring What are the configuration methods ?
* How to use the XML How to configure spring?
* How to use the java Configuration method configuration spring?
* How to configure with annotation spring?
* Please explain spring bean Life cycle of ?
* spring bean What is the difference between the scopes of ?
spring Learning mind map (xmind):


spring Learning notes :

from spring The most basic characteristic analysis , speak spring Will be organic will be the knowledge points of the examination together , It can be said that it is

* Spring characteristic
* Spring Core components
* Spring Common modules
* Spring Main package
* Spring Common notes
* Spring Third party integration
* Spring IOC principle
* Spring APO principle
* Spring MVC principle
* Spring Boot principle
* JPA principle
* Mybatis cache
* Tomcat framework


Ali about JVM Interview questions :

* java Class loading process
* Describe it jvm load class Principle and mechanism of documents ?
* GC What is it? ? Why GC?
* How to judge whether an object is alive or not ?
* Advantages and principles of garbage collection . Two recycling mechanisms are considered .
* java Is there a memory leak in , Please explain briefly
* JVM Will garbage collection happen in the permanent belt of ?
* java What are the methods of garbage collection
JVM Learning mind map (xmind)


JVM Collation of core knowledge :

* thread
* JVM Memory area
* JVM Runtime memory
* Garbage collection and algorithm
* JAVA Reference type of No.4 Middle School
* GC Generational collection algorithm VS Partition collection algorithm
* GC garbage collector
* JVM Class loading mechanism


Ali about mybatis Interview questions :

* MyBatis And Hibernate What are the differences ?
* Mybatis How to paginate ? What is the principle of paging plug-ins ?
* Mybatis How will sql The execution result is encapsulated as the target object and returned ? What are the mapping forms ?
* How to perform batch insert ?
* How to get auto generated ( main ) Key value ?
* Mybatis dynamic sql What's the usage? ? Executive principle ? What's new sql?
* Why Mybatis It's semi-automatic ORM Mapping tools ? What's the difference between it and automatic ?
* MyBatis There are several ways to achieve one to many , How to operate it ?
mybatis Learning mind map (xmind)


Ali on concurrent programming interview :

* Synchronized Have you used it , What is the principle ?
* What is reentry lock , Why Synchronized It's a reentrant lock ?
* JVM Yes java What are the optimizations for native locks of
* Why Synchronized Fair lock ?
* What are lock elimination and lock coarsening ?
* Why Synchronized It's a pessimistic lock ? What is the implementation principle of optimistic lock ?
* So please talk about it AQS What's going on with frames ?
* ReentrantLock How can reentrant be realized ?
Concurrent programming learning mind map (xmind):


summary :

Since I ran into a wall in Ali , It took a month to learn and sort out these knowledge points , Prepare to fight again in the future , except jvm,mybatis, Beyond concurrent programming , There's also sorting java Basics , Microservices ,Kafka
Notes on knowledge points . as well as 1500 Arrangement of interview questions in daoda factory .

Interview as a whole and how to get mind map


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