Apple launched M1 The processor is ARM Camp's most powerful processor , Its performance is also similar to that of Intel The core of i7 Equivalent , This is of great significance , Carrying M1 Processor's Mac Will give PC The market brings huge impact ,ARM The camp has always dreamed of PC Market beat Intel It will hopefully become a reality .

ARM The camp has always wanted to March PC market

Before Apple ,ARM The camp has been praying for entry Intel Dominant PC market , Google launched Chromebook At the same time Intel and ARM processor ,Chromebook It is quite popular in the American education market .

2018 year wintel Jointly released by Microsoft and Qualcomm ARM notebook , This is ARM The camp tried to attack again PC market , But for more than two years , This kind of notebook is rarely seen in the market , In the consumer and corporate markets, the Intel rule .

cause ARM It's hard to be in PC Market shakes Intel There are many reasons for this , But the main reason is that ARM Architecture processor lags behind in performance X86 Too many processors .ARM The original intention is low power consumption , after all ARM In the beginning, it was aimed at the mobile market , Small enough chips need to be stuffed into the narrow space of consumer electronics such as mobile phones , This also leads to ARM Architecture processor performance is too weak , Especially in the aspect of multithreading, it is far worse than that Intel Processor for .

To improve performance ,ARM In recent years, efforts have been made to develop high-performance cores with strong performance , Rapid performance improvement , However, the use of ARM Public Edition Core , In terms of performance, the processors designed by Huawei and others are still unable to match Intel Compared with the processor of , And get ARM Apple, which is authorized to develop its own core architecture, has become ARM The hope of the camp .

Apple M1 Or it is expected that PC The market breaks the situation

Apple developed A System processor has always represented ARM The best performance of the camp , It developed A System processors are catching up in single core performance Intel Processor for , Launched this year A14 The processor has been compared with Intel Of i9 Equivalent , Its weakness is still multithreading .

Apple launched this M1 It enhances the ability of multithreading , It uses an eight core architecture , and A14 The processor is a six core architecture ;A14 Due to the size of the mobile phone, the processor can't be bigger and the matching cooling device is weak ,M1 The processor is used for Mac It can be made bigger and more powerful radiator and fan can be used at the same time , therefore M1 The performance of A14 powerful . It is claimed that M1 The multi-core performance of the processor has been compared with Intel Of i7 Equivalent .

In addition to the powerful processor performance , Apple also has strong software development capabilities , It has previously succeeded in bringing MacOS System from IBM Of power Architecture migration to Intel Of X86 framework , So it will MacOS System from X86 Architecture migration to ARM The architecture is also unwritten ; At the same time, it developed its own mobile phone iOS The system is a closed system ,iOS The system has formed a complete ecology , Apple has been pushing ahead in recent years iOS System and MacOS System integration , So we can use iOS To enrich the ecosystem of the system MacOS system , Avoid MacOS System porting to ARM Lack of ecology after architecture .

Apple has repeatedly proved itself to be an innovation leader in the technology industry , It launched iPod Changed MP3 industry ,iPhone Opening the era of smart phones ,iPad It's gone Intel On the Internet , These successful histories have convinced the industry that it has launched ARM Architectural Mac It will also be very likely to change PC market .

in summary , Baiming technology believes that Apple launched this PC product --ARM framework MAC It's a product that it's ready to launch , For monopoly PC Market for many years Intel It's going to be a huge blow , And once Apple's MAC Break the situation , numerous ARM Manufacturers will follow up quickly , By then ARM What the camp is looking forward to is PC Market beat Intel The dream will come true .


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