What is? Redis:

In short Redis It's a database , However, different from the traditional database Redis Is stored in memory , So the storage and writing speed is very fast , therefore Redis It is widely used in cache direction .

in addition ,Redis It is also often used for distributed locks .Redis A variety of data types are provided to support different business scenarios . yes Java Essential skills for programmers !

besides ,Redis Support transaction , Persistence ,LUA script ,LRU Driving events , Multiple cluster solutions .

What is? spring boot:

Boot yes Spring Subprojects under open source organization , yes Spring One stop solution for components , It is mainly to simplify the use Spring The difficulty of , Simplify the heavy configuration , Various starters are available , Developers can get started quickly !

So how can we learn quickly spring boot and Redis What about ?

Today, the landlord will share one with you 【Redis actual combat 】+【spring boot】PDF After three links of documents and materials, see the following figure to obtain the information

Not stingy , It's on your resume 2 Skill points , Can give you a lot of points !

【Redis actual combat 】 catalog




【spring boot】






Let's share one 【Redis actual combat 】+【spring boot】PDF Documentation


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