Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has begun to deliver made in China to European customers Model 3, Some Tesla Model 3 Standard endurance + Buyers of the version have been told that their cars will come from China .

   When Tesla started building a super factory in Shanghai, China , There are no plans to deliver cars to other markets . CEO Elon · Musk (Elon
Musk) Insist , Tesla Shanghai Super factory is designed to meet the needs of China's local market , Instead of exporting cars to other markets .

   last month , There are reports that Tesla has changed her mind , Now plans to start exporting Chinese made products to other markets Model 3 electric vehicle .

   Recently, Tesla put it off Model 3 Standard endurance + Delivery time in European market . Some European market buyers are told that their cars are from China .

   A Tesla Model 3 The French buyer's bill shows him Model 3 It's made in China .Model 3 Standard endurance + The price of this edition in the French market is 46600 euro ( approximately amount to
54606 dollar ), It contains 8267 euro ( approximately amount to 9687 dollar ) Tax and fee .

   Illustration : Tesla, a French buyer Model 3 Car bill

   Tesla recently upgraded its Model 3 Standard endurance + edition , Using LiFePO4 battery produced by Ningde times . This also makes the Chinese market Model 3
Mileage increased and price dropped sharply .

   With Tesla's plant in Fremont, California, USA, it focuses on production Model Y electric vehicle , Tesla's Shanghai Super factory continues to increase production capacity , Before the commissioning of Tesla Berlin super plant , Tesla will
Model 3 It may make more sense to send cars from China to Europe .

   Tesla is certainly not the only company to do so . Both BMW and Jixing currently produce electric vehicles in China , And then to the European market .( Chenchen )

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