Accurate data of China Unicom telecom operators     Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789 )   

Big data customer service
One , Cooperation conditions :
supply : Keyword behavior ( Supply search keywords ), Website behavior ( Supply link ),APP behavior ( supply APP appellation ),400 Telephone behavior ( supply 400 Telephone )
Any of the above methods can be used .
Two , Data sources :
Local operators : Unicom , telecom
Three , Call pick method :
1. Keywords behavior data : Get the visitors corresponding to the search keywords , It can be obtained by any search engine . Supply search keywords ;
2. Website behavior data : Access to visitors to designated wanton websites ( Peer websites may work in any way ), Provide a link to the website , How long will you stay ;
3.APP Behavioral data : Get specified APP visitor . supply APP Appellation is enough ;
4. 400 Telephone data : Get specified 400 Telephone , Fixed line dialing crowd , supply 400 Telephone , Fixed line number is OK .
5. short message : Through SMS channel , Customers who have received some SMS messages
6. position : Customer data within a certain range

Four , features :
1. The data is on the day of the call , Report the next day , Strong timeliness ;
2. One customer, one system Exclusive collaboration , Ensure first-hand data ;
3. All the data , Make sure it's real , If it is found to be untrue, it may be repeated without charging .
Five , advantage
1. Accurate customer data can be obtained without promotion .
2. Enjoy the whole operation customer resources .
Six , Collaborative approach
1. Contract signed at both ends , Then professional customer service docking , Select the specified method according to customer requirements .
2. Customer requirements , Pick the number of calls per day , Confessing to customer service . Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789 )   

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