For drinking water health , Water purifier has become the standard of every family , The hardness of water quality in some areas is too high , In order to protect all kinds of home appliances , Many people will choose to install water softeners .

   But recently , According to the news report , A family in Wuhan connected the water purifier pipeline by mistake due to the installation master , As a result, the outlet water of the water purifier is soft water , And the family has been drinking for three years , The problem was not found until after-sales on-site inspection .

   So what is soft water ? What are the benefits of soft water ? And can I drink it ? Today, let's talk about the water softener .

   What is soft water ?

   We all know that water quality has hardness , The hardness of water quality is determined by calcium and magnesium ions in water , The higher the content of calcium and magnesium ions , It means that the hardness of water quality is higher .

   And through technical means , Remove calcium and magnesium ions from water , Let water hardness drop , It's the softening of water , The resulting water is called soft water .

   So how to get soft water ? This is to talk about the principle of water softener . The key part of softener is the resin layer inside , There are a lot of sodium ions in the resin layer , After the tap water passes through the resin layer , Calcium and magnesium ions in water are replaced by sodium ions , The water quality has softened as a result .

   When the resin layer accumulated a large amount of calcium and magnesium ions , You lose the ability to soften , Need to recover , That is, softener often said resin layer regeneration .

   The way to regenerate is also very simple , It is another key consumables of water softener , That is soft water salt , The calcium and magnesium ions in the resin layer are replaced , Then rinse with water , Discharge the wastewater mixed with calcium and magnesium ions .

   So what are the benefits of soft water ?

   We all know that the thermos has been used for a long time , Often in the accumulation of a thick layer of scale , The main components of scale are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate , The higher the water quality , The more serious the scale is .

   Except for the thermos , Like an electric water heater , Washing machines and other appliances that need water , Will produce scale . It is easy to damage the electrical appliances when the scale is accumulated , Or cause the performance of these electrical appliances .

   Take the electric water heater as an example , When the scale accumulates and covers the heating rod of the water heater , The thermal conductivity of the heating rod will decrease , Boiling time increases , Increased power consumption . And soft water , You don't have to worry about scale .

   Too hard water can also lead to washing clothes , The detergent does not blister , A lot of detergent is needed , The use of soft water can reduce the amount of detergent . in addition , Soft water can also effectively inhibit fungi , It's good for our skin and our hair .

   Can you drink soft water ?

   So much about the benefits of soft water in daily life , Can you drink soft water ? The answer is yes , But not recommended .

   Water softened by softener , It will contain a lot of sodium ions , Sodium ion is an essential metal element for human body , Sodium ion can maintain water balance and acid-base balance in the body .

   But we all know , A healthy diet is nothing more than less sugar, less oil and less salt , According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization , People eat less salt every day 6 gram .

   The main component of edible salt is sodium chloride , Reducing salt actually means reducing sodium intake . Long term intake of excessive sodium ions , Can cause high blood pressure , Increase the burden on the kidney , Damage to kidney and cardiovascular system .

   in addition , Excessive sodium intake also increases the incidence of heart disease .

   actually , There may not be as many sodium ions in soft water as you think , Hardness in terms of calcium carbonate concentration can be roughly divided into the following 7 species :

  (1)0~75mg/L Very soft water

  (2)75~150mg/L Soft water

  (3)150~300mg/L Medium hard water

  (4)300~450mg/L Hard water

  (5)450~700mg/L High hard water

  (6)700~1000mg/L Ultra high hard water

  (7)>1000mg/L Extra hard water

   Even if 1000mg/L Very hard water , Replace all calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions , The concentration of sodium ion in water is 1000mg/L, That is to say, drink a liter of soft water 1 Gram of sodium ion .

   What's more, our tap water is the highest 450~700mg/L High hard water , So for our high salt diet habits , Sodium in a cup of soft water is not as much as a mouthful of pickles .

   Of course, this is not to encourage people to go and soft water , I just want to tell you that soft water is not inedible , Just for health , It's better not to drink .

   Do you need a water softener ?

   Do you need a water softener ? Before purchasing the softener , You need to understand one thing , The hardness of water quality will only have a different impact on our daily life , It has no effect on our health .

   world health organization WHO Formulated 《 Drinking water quality criteria 》 There is no limit on the hardness of water , in other words , As long as the water is clean and healthy , So hardness doesn't affect health , At best, it only affects the taste .

   therefore , Soft water machine is more used to solve the water quality of the daily life into some inconvenience , If you live in a water source with high hardness , So it is necessary to purchase a softener , Otherwise, every year due to scale caused by a variety of household appliances failure , Maintenance costs can buy several softeners .

   For the areas with lower water hardness in the south of China , Water softeners are not particularly useful . To understand the hardness of your own water quality , You can buy one TDS A simple test of the pen ,TDS
The higher the value , The higher the hardness of water quality , Of course, more accurate can buy water hardness test paper .

   last , If the water softener is to be installed , Remember to find a professional installation master or installation team , Have enough knowledge of the waterways at home , Avoid the same situation as in the previous news .

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