The website has hundreds of thousands of visitors every day , But consultation did not understand 5%, The netizens who can see your advertisement and visit are definitely in demand , Choose which one to work with , There are many elements , Instead of being forced to wait, it's better to automatically pull back the lost customers .  Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789
   Fireeye visitor capture system is a customized mobile terminal for enterprises to help enterprises obtain potential customers . It can easily capture the mobile phone number of customers visiting the website
, Instead of being forced to wait , Watching customers go to competitors , It's better to automatically bring back the lost customers . It can also build a robust database , Second Marketing .
   Fireeye visitor capture system is specially used for mobile phone , Mobile phone number of computer website visitors
QQ A set of professional software for number capture , Use only need to install a brief code in the background of the website , When visitors are reading your page , You can grab the phone number and QQ number , Login software online background , You can see the visitor's information clearly , Including mobile phone number , Website title , Origin key words , region ,ip etc. , It can be passed in batches Excel export , Bento handling . It is based on mobile Internet users 6 100 million strong user channel , Committed to building a communication bridge between users and enterprises , Fully satisfied with the safety and stability of enterprise customers , security , The operation demand of Bento , For enterprises to complete the high efficiency customer extraction service and useful customer relationship processing supply science , intact , Intelligent solutions . Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789

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