According to CCTV ,10 month 14
day , Yuan Longping “ Sea rice ” team , Agricultural Technology Extension Station of Jiangsu Province “ Chaoyouqian ” Salt tolerant rice , The yield was measured in Fudong, Jiangsu Province , The average yield per mu reached 1605.8
Jin , A new record of high yield of rice in saline alkali soil .

   Yuan Longping said earlier , Our country only has 18 Red line of 100 million mu cultivated land , But there are more than one billion mu of saline alkali land , Among them, rice can be planted in the near 2 100 million mu , If “ Sea rice ” Research success , At least it can increase 1
Million mu of cultivated land , You can feed more 1 100 million people .

   according to the understanding of ,“ Sea rice ” It is the image name of salt tolerant rice , It can grow in coastal beach and saline alkali land , No fertilization is allowed , No pesticide , Rice varieties not afraid of short-term seawater immersion .

   Its breeding process is the same as that of common rice varieties . After desalination treatment of saline alkali water by technical means , Comprehensive multiple irrigation methods , It can greatly reduce the salt content in the soil ,“ Sea rice ” It will grow well .

  2016 Since , Yuan Longping led the team to start the research “ Sea rice ”, In Xinjiang , Shandong , Zhejiang , Heilongjiang , Testing of five types of saline alkali areas in Shaanxi Province .

   Fangling reclamation area in kitcha Town, Rudong, Jiangsu province belongs to the type of coastal saline alkali land in the East , Soil salt content 0.2-0.6%.

   Located in Bayi Awati Township, yuepuhu County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang “ Sea rice ” Test base , Also harvested this month 300 Mu “ Sea rice ”, The field yield is up to per mu 1097.06 Jin .

   It's close to the Taklimakan Desert , It's the farthest place in the world from the ocean , yes pH PH value 7.8 The soil is heavily saline alkali , Be regarded as “ Agricultural desert ”.

   in addition , Saline alkali tolerant rice planted in Keyouzhong banner, Xingan League, Inner Mongolia , The production was evaluated by production test , The average yield of rice per mu reached 1067.9 Jin .

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