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Since the international financial crisis , China has quickened the pace of changing the mode of economic development . The state has issued a package of policies to expand domestic demand . Domestic demand has become the main driving force of China's economic development , The contribution rate of final consumption to economic growth is increasing .

The state and government attach importance to enterprise informatization , And vigorously promote the integration of industrialization and information measures , It has played a positive role in improving the Internet access level of China's small and medium-sized enterprises . On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises have realized the value of the Internet , On the other hand, it ensures that SMEs can enjoy Internet services conveniently .

“ the 11th Five-Year ” period , The scale of Internet users in China ranks first in the world , Broadband penetration rate is close to 100%. More in-depth application of enterprise Internet . The construction of Internet has promoted the rapid development of informatization in China , It has effectively promoted economic development , Social progress and the change of people's life style .
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Website mobile phone number capture, talking about the new marketing channel in this era , It must be the cliche of the Internet . On the Internet , We can promote the soft text of the product , Spread brand image , Promotion activities , Even directly complete the online ordering of products .

If you don't , And others are doing it , Then your customers will gradually lose . If you meet someone else's marketing circle , Your sales will naturally decline .

So, knowing its importance , What do we do ? Liu Yuhan summed up twelve words “ Keep up with the times , Pay attention to consumption experience ”.

Past Internet portals ,BBS Most popular , Follow up social media , Mobile media applications are booming . The whole Internet is now showing the development of micro marketing mode , What enterprises need to do is based on the old network marketing model , Micro marketing , Online sales , Promote each other online and offline for new . Zhongyuan big data (V:jycg789

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